Tweeting with multiple twitter accounts made easy by Spundhan


In this small world social networking has gained immense importance in each ones life. May it be Facebook or Twitter all companies, Brands, personalities are on any or both of the above sites, some to stay in touch with their fans and a few to stay in touch with their clients.

But there is a problem, business cannot be clubbed with your personal twitter account and how does one manage multiple twitter accounts on a single screen.

At Spundhan Softwares Pvt.Ltd. Belgaum, the team also had the same problem and as “need is the mother of all inventions” here as well this company working in embedded systems decided to develop Multwiple.

Multwiple is one of the best and easy to use web-based twitter client. Started as a simple service to manage multiple twitter accounts, Mutlwiple has ever since become more feature rich and has been acquiring more user base.

If you have more than one twitter accounts an want to tweet using your different accounts without the much hassle? then Multwiple is for you!

If you have tweet a lot? or keep track of a keywords in tweets? or want to keep statistics? then Multwiple is for you!

How is Multwiple different from others?

Multwiple has been designed from ground up to be simple and easy to use. Developers have concentrated more on providing a better user experience than just creating a glossy looks. There are several features unique to multwiple.

Take your tweet with the Link, i.e. whenever you click on a link in a tweet, a new tab automatically opens with the top portion of the browser showing the original tweet. This way you can relate to he tweet and re-tweet it on the spot!

Cool Search:

It allows you to search for keywords in tweets around the world in real-time. To add to this, you can even search for the tweet tweeted by a particular client!

But AAB liked the map the event, where u can just add an event and map it, so simple.

and Many Many More …

Of course there are tonnes of more features that feel great to use in multwiple. We can’t list them all here, can we? Why don’t you give it a go? Go check it out! Its really cool and yes it is made in Belgaum!


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  1. Heartiest Congratulations & thanks for the Spandan team work. On June 14 1960 came to Belgaum ,(my birth place) to join R P D College as a lecturer of Sociology & Political Science. Prin Late Revereved B T Bhalerao & Prof Madhav S kamat HOD of Economics welcomed me & introduced me to the then Staff (teaching as well as Non teaching )The Strength of the combined Arts & Science( Govinram Sc Institute was 21. The Landmark was the Wind Mill over the large Well The famous Jamkhandi Palace & the Late D rHerekar Memorial with 2 Tennis Court ( Lawn)a very large (Spacious ) Play- Groung Of Patvardhanraje's . My fourney bigins as a lecture in the famous R P D College of wich I shall ever remain grateful. My 50 Years in Belgaum just slippes as if I have come just few years back. The Principals The colleagues (Past & Present )offered me an affectionate company & helping hand in all aspects of my & my family's journey of life.I cannot ever forget to mention my grateful thanks to Late Shree Baburaoji Thakur ,)


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