Anupam Kher writes about his Belgaum visit


Recently actor Anupam Kher was in Belgaum to honor KLE Chairman Dr.Kore and after this visit he has written about it in the Deccan Chronicle.

Some Snippets about what he wrote:


“ I was in Belgaum performing my play Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai at the invitation of the Karnatak Lingayat Education Society. Why did I make an arduous journey to a regional city? Because I wanted to get a close-up with a little-known society that runs 211 educational institutions, which includes colleges of medicine, dentistry, engineering, law, nursing, Ayurveda and also schools and girls hostels. What I saw impressed me immeasurably. Apart from the fact that its hospital had the most child-friendly children’s ward I have seen anywhere, I was surprised to find out that it was entirely free! Even more surprising was that the society’s trustees were running English-medium CBSE schools in talukas, thereby shattering the image of English as an elitist language and opening the doors of global opportunity to rural children.

I found my answer to the question of why the society is not well known in the rest of Karnataka, much less the rest of India. It is not interested in luring investment from NRIs or in building state-of-the art hospitals in the metros because it aims at uplifting millions of rural people and bringing them under the net of development. It is not even tomtoming its achievements.

I meet many talented people who, like the K.L. society, are publicity-shy. Much as the media is vilified, I think it plays an important role and communicates with society at large. If positive stories are not put out, what remains are puff pieces and projections. And that is why we have been reduced to a society without icons.”

Read entire article here on Deccan Chronicle.



  1. They should have invited Raj Thackeray who has done such great work for the marathi people. Belgaum belongs to Maharashtra and we need more people like Raj Thackeray to help bring Belgaum back into Maharashtra from the hands of the filthy Karnataka people.

  2. Why did KLE invite Anupam Kher as a key guest to the event? What relevance does the actor have for education? It seems like KLE wanted some glamour. For a society trying to project itself as pursuing a noble cause, that seems pretty shallow. They would have been better off inviting some stalwart in the education field or someone who has achieved a lot as a result of good education.

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