Collective effort to develop Arts in Belgaum


A thought came to my mind vis-à-vis the ARTS (both performing and non performing) sector in Belgaum. Something collectively should be and can be done by all the artists located in Belgaum when they collaborate on a single platform. I don’t know how many artists are in Belgaum but we could attempt to get all these on a single platform which would contain data of all the artists and their details etc and it would benefit the artists as well as people who want to arrange a program or who want to get more info on starting up a career as an artist in Belgaum.

There are a lot of artist from Belgaum in the field of music, painting, photography(as an art) graphic designers, singers and many more which I may not even know about.

There may be a off line group existing like the arts circle or others but all are scattered and if someone from the artists can come forward we could go ahead and form a on line group and have all data compiled on a single site.

A few of these artists have been featured under various heads as stars of Belgaum, Young Guns etc. But there is no single on line platform where information is available of all these artists on a single click.

Most of the artists have performed outside and have earned a name for themselves but if they all have a single platform then they could make use of their collective strength to push their demands in-front of others and the most urgent necessity is a good hall with good audio equipment and seating arrangements. Belgaum is lacking a hi tech drama hall or a music hall because of which many great artists refuse to perform here.

AAB [] would be devoted to share information on this on the site help this group.

This is just a thought and I have nothing concrete in my mind. People in this field could throw additional light on this.

I would request all the artists to leave a comment on this.

Let me know your thoughts on this.


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