Babulal Pathan sells own house to save life of Sandeep Muchandi


In this era where each one is fighting in the name of religion and caste, a noble person who makes his living hand to mouth, sold his own house to save the life of a person in Belagavi.

Sandeep Muchandi had a liver ailment and had to undergo liver transplant but he did not have a donor nor the 30 lakhs needed for the transplant.


Babulal Pathan resident of Vishnu Galli Vadgaon who runs a small cycle repair shop at Bazar Galli made his son ready to donate part of his liver for Sandeep. But Sandeep got a Cadaveric liver but he needed the money urgently for the transplant and at that moment Babulal Pathan sold his own house and arranged 22 lakhs for the transplant while Sandeep’s family arranged the remaining.

Babulal came to the rescue of the Muchandi’s in form of a God itself. Babulal has acted as a Good Samaritan earlier as well and has helped the needy in whatever way he could do.

For Babulal Pathan, religion is not important but Humanity is, and we people who fight in the name of religion should look up to this great human who sold his own house so that the needy could get a new lease of life.

Salam! To this great soul Babulal Pathan.


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  1. A huge respect to this man, this must be an inspiration to youngster who keep crawling stufs which blames the society. Humanity comes first then religion.. he will surely be gift for something better for his good deeds.

  2. Great work, in today’s world nobody is asking to their own parents & he has sold his house for treatment we can also make contribute to the great cause

  3. Hats off Babulal saab

    I appreciate the views of Mr.Wasim Maskewale & Mr.Ravindra Bellad, lets contribute to the noble cause of supporting this Good Samaritan.
    I would request AAB to suggest a way forward for raising this funds either by donating to a common account or whatsoever other legal channel

  4. Hat’s off Babulalji, May Allah’s blessings be always on You n your family. Thank-you AAB for sharing such incident. Also Pray God for Sander’s good health.

  5. Great work.Hatsoff ….it’s very difficult to find such personality in today’s society.PATHAN SAHAB AAP KO SALAM

  6. Great work pathan Saab…come on BELGAUM mats let’s countribute…to the great work….God will help everyone…

  7. Actually I have no words for Babulals gratitude who helped Sandip.we salute you sir.In India there is particular class people who totally corrupted and lead to people bad way.ex.Blind man taking a educate dog but dog doesn’t know where to go and what to do only he follows blind man.

  8. Just giving compliments and wishing babulal Pathan for his humanity and sacrifice is one part and helping him in his charity is another part so let us all viewers and readers each contribute RS 1000each to the noble soul so that at least we can support him in his noble cause even if 500 people contribute to the cause we can raise RS 5lakh and pay babulal Pathan

  9. Ha bahot acha kam kiye.par humsab apne sihat ka khayal rakhna satori hai.aur life me nokri karne se kuch aisa system me bimar hone k bad bhi income aye marne k bad bhi piche waloun ko har week income aye

  10. The man with Golden Heart – Mr. Babulal Pathan.
    Be the Human and Being Human raise the standard of Humanity.

  11. Great news for a good day startup. Corrupt media should highlight these kind of news at national level, very much required in current atmosphere.
    Hats off and well done sir.

  12. What a person! We must call him as ANGLE and follow him and do help others leaving religion creed and caste. He showed that humanity is greater above every thing, hats off to Mr. Babulal Pathan .Hope all we keep as big heart as Mr. Babulal and help each others….

  13. It is very difficult to see such people in society. Media should highlight this news. Our politicians & corrupt officials​ should learn from such people.


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