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Belgaum in NDTV Good Times NO Big Deal


Join Neha Dixit as she takes a budgeted holiday in an ECOnomical way in the new season of ‘No Big Deal’ on NDTV Good Times.

The award-winning series ‘No Big Deal!’ is launching its 3rd season. And this time around we’ll bring you the holiday you’ve been dreaming of in the most ECOnomical way.


Join host Neha Dixit on her travels in and around Belgaum, Karnataka …as she attempts to survive for 3 days & 3 nights in just Rs 3000/- …and this time around she’s ‘going green’.

Be it living in a tree house….window shopping in the cattle market….joining the Gavli’s -a local tribe from Karnataka during their festivities or learning all there is to know about insects – the show has it all! Neha brings you the best green holidays that the lack of money can buy!

Block your diaries for ‘No Big Deal’, this Thursday, March 25, 2010 at 10.00 pm with a repeat telecast on the following Sunday at 12.30 pm only on NDTV Good Times.

About the Show:

After looking forward to your vacation for months, the last thing you want to do is to see how far you can stretch your budget. Now, leave these worries behind because NDTV’s travel team will help you live the holiday of your lifestyle in the most economical way. Clearly for us its ‘No Big Deal..!’

You have seen us spend 3000 Rs in 3 days in India, now join us across the World!

Join our travel host every week as she survives the challenge of living in the most exotic destinations across the globe– a 3 nights -3 day journey in just 300 Euros or dollars as the country’s currency warrants.

So, leave your worries behind, pack you bags because we’re going to stretch your pocket and take you on a holiday with the real deals from – where to stay, eat, shop, dance, party, and play.



  1. Watched the show! A better presenting host would have been good. Someone in the lines of Vicky and Mayur (HOMP) or Sanghvi or Anthony Bourdain would have made the show a stealer. Not much of Belgaum was shown but was basically about a resort called Hermitage in Khanapur (nice place for a good get-together though!!). Was expecting something about the alley ways and gullies of belgaum and some history about it. But that was never the object of the show.

  2. Lemme check my busy schedule ……mmmmmmmmmm……………. hey I am available to watch the show! Blocked the date and time!

  3. Thats good lets see how are city is showcased. atleast i have seen each and every corner of this Belgaon in and around 50 to 60 Kms i know each small village around bgm and maharashtra border lets see how they showcase. seeing it from other person's perspective will be a whole different experience.

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