Belgaum Rotary’s Annotsav 2008 tickling taste buds




The Rotary club of Belgaum organizes the Annual event Annotsav from the past many years. This time the fete is organized at Sardars High School Ground, opp Old REX College Road.


About 105 different stalls serving various delicacies are there to give those old taste buds some rejuvenating flavor.  Right from Pani puri, ice cream to Vada Kombda, Bhaji etc.


You have to be there and enjoy the lovely atmosphere while your nostrils fetch some nice aroma of a Tandoor or a Biryani. All the major hotels like Niyaz, Zaika have their stalls. In addition, some very good homemade food is available which is great.

Aslo see in the image VOTE FOR VAYAVYA LABS is the main banner behind the live show. So Belagum is now getting much more aware about getting Belgaum on the IT map.


In addition, there are the car stalls, solar water stalls etc etc etc.

Again, the live music shows and various competitions held during the fete are a topping on the cream.


Parking facility is good enough, but I point I noticed was lack of security. After the Mumbai terror attacks something must have been put in place, but I could hardly see two police officers that too on the main road entrance and no one else. May be some other security arrangements should have been done, I am not aware of it. But it feels secure enough to roam about with your family and kids seeing all those new food being made and enjoying the atmosphere. The entry fee is Rs.5.


The fete, which opened on 7 Dec, will be open until 14 December 2008. So, if you are in town in that period you know one dinner is fixed at some stall in there.



  1. Once upon a time i worked as Designer for “Annotsav” with Mr Satish Ghate Sir ( Desai & Co ). its a grate Event for me ( We did 36 fit “Rotary club of Belgaum” Logo on that time )

  2. the stalls this time were’nt so good. i didnt quite get that “festival” feeling!

    and as for the music. well, it was’nt the best music. nor was it even close!

    and quite a few stalls were empty! and i dont see what car and furniture stalls have got to do with a food festival!

    not worth going twice


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