Belgaumite friends bike together for friendship


People love Belgaum and Belgaumites are loved by all. Many of the younger lot who are working in metros often get bored with the metro life and always want to come back to their home town, but this is not always possible as the work, the boss dont always give one time.

In USA, we have the Indian’s meeting on Sunday’s and we have various associations and in the same manner in Indian cities as well we have small groups of people coming together who are from one city.

In Bangalore, there are many (must be in thousands) from Belgaum district making a living in the city. A similar group of people from Belgaum district who work in various fields decided to meet every year once and go for a ride together from Bangalore in the second week of August as a part of friendship day celebrations.

This year, 14 members on sever bikes all got ready to keep this friendship knot tied a but tighter and decided to ride to Jog Falls.

They left on August 6, 2010 from Bangalore and returned on August 9.

The group enjoyed their journey and also helped in some social work like getting a accident hit car on the road back so that it could be carried away.

Rain, cold did not hamper at all, the young blood was soaring high and these bikers were riding all the way. One more bike joined them in Shimoga.

These bikers have a solid message behind them, as they want more people from Belgaum district to join them in their next years trip. Interested people could mail [email protected] for more details.



  1. Is there any Belgaum club in Bangalore? This sounds like a great idea to bring the Belagum(dynam)ites together.

    • Hi Anita

      We dont have any club here in Bangalore. Most of those who left Belgaum to work in Bangalore are staying in North Bangalore (Rajaji nagar, Vijay nagar, Malleshwaram etc) , We are a group of such people and stay in nearby areas , We often do such events. If some one intrested they can also join us.

      We dont do it for any for any business intension or profit, Its just for passion. 🙂


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