Cold weather can cause Heart Attack -Dr. Suresh V Patted


Winter has arrived and the weather is cold in the morning and late evening breeze is extremely cool. It is the time that all Senior citizens including children are essentially required to take proper precautions to avoid health problems from pinching cold. It is the perfect time to make sure that you and your heart are staying warm. Winter can cause major problems to your heart if you are exposed to severe cold.

If you are a heart patient and has undergone, Angioplasty, Heart Surgery or suffered a heart attack must take extreme care. Irrespective of whether you have heart disease or not, taking care of your heart and body during intensely cold months is a smart move.


Heart Attacks are Common in winter

Cold weather causes your blood vessels and arteries to narrow, which restricts blood flow and reduces oxygen to your heart. It may also increase heart rate and blood pressure. In this condition, your heart is working significantly harder than it does under normal temperature conditions. If you exert additional exertion like running, brisk walking, an exercise in the early cold morning, it could cause a heart attack. Respiratory tract infections and influenza are known risk factors for heart attack and are quite common in the winter season which may also contribute to a heart attack.

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Various Scientific studies have revealed that the risk of having a heart attack was greatest on days when the temperatures are below normal. Further, studies have proved that a 31% increase in heart attacks in the coldest months of the year compared with the warmest”

Remain active in the home

If you are remaining at home because it’s just too cold outdoors, be sure to stay to active. Perform light exercise, involve in household chores. Move around at least once every hour and avoid sitting for a prolonged time. This gets the blood flowing and helps keep you warm.

What we should do in winter

Avoid walking early in the morning

Avoid overnight travels and cold water bath.

You can walk in the sunshine.

Drink warm water, consume warm and refreshing food.

Wear warm clothes like a sweater, jackets. Use a hat or headscarf.

Cover your feet with socks, shoes use hand gloves and cover ears.

Dr. Suresh Patted is of the opinion that, below normal temperature, low atmospheric air pressure, cool breeze, and no sunshine are the major risk factors for heart attack with cold temperatures being the strongest indicator.


Dr. Suresh V Patted
About the Author:
Dr. Suresh V Patted, Prof. & Head of Cardiology & 
Interventional Cardiologist @ KLES Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital & MRC, Belagavi


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