Whistling Woodzs

Countryside around Belgaum in a painting by Shirish Deshpande


The countryside around Belgaum is wonderfully green even in hot summer of May…. here is a landscape finished today in celebration of the beauty of Belgaum……:-) Look at those dramatic clouds in the sky….. It is done ballpoint pens on canvas.

BallPoint pen painting by Shirish Deshpande

Hope you all like it.


AAB is proud to have covered this wonderful artist long back.
Shirish Deshpande gives the ballpoint pen a novel status




  1. The different hues and shades make the painting so live and real. It is paintings like this that transform us into art lovers. Keep up the good work, Shirish.

  2. beautiful painting.the painting is superb taking people of my generation, who have eventually moved away from belgaum, to the college days of fifties. thanx keep showing us. excellent land scape.

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