Mangai Jatra Vadgaon


These are some unseen pictures of the Jatra ever and have been cliked by Shrawav Zadoo.

It was raining heavily and it does rain on the Jatra day, Mangai Jatra.

Fair time at the Jatra
Chicks for sale

According to the rituals set by the ancestors of the vadgaon village, the God of the village is to be presented with these chicks. One could spot one of those vendors selling chicks at Rs.5 each.

Once you reach the temple the chicks you have brought with you are supposedly to be tossed on to the roof of the temple!

All photos: Shrawan Zadoo



  1. A little joke , The word chicks has a dual meaning one is the chickens & the other are beautiful ladies, which one are you refering to ?. Is it the chickens mela or the chicks mela. I came to know it was chickens only after going deep into the page. Dont mind I just joked .

  2. I dont know why they toss the chiocksup but its somethin related to the wish of the god.. So i'll not say anythin against it

  3. hi you stupid people its an rules of god you cant do any things against terror who kills many people in india and telling as about this tiny lifes do your own work dont play role like any politician role you will not get any seat from congress for election

    • very well said…

      People, there are better things to worry about.

      And more over, they are just rituals. As more education prevails, these will dis-appear.
      We must stop worrying about this silly stupid un-important things and focus on what's needed.

  4. It sounds ridiculous to slash innocent lives for betterment of our lives, will be God really happy with it, & we are so called educated, are we really educated????

  5. I have seen this in the past and always felt how faith makes people blind to such acts…any type of animal sacrifice in the name of God is unjust and uncalled for…I no longer get to visit here but those scenes did make an impact on me and allowed me to stop a few from doing this…however faith overpowers people like me!

  6. It seems to be a playing with the tiny lifes…..
    we all must now learn how can we live ourself by just praying to god with honest heart, not by killing or throwing chicks on the roof, …..
    Greetings on the fair.

  7. Chicks are supposedly to be tossed on to the roof of the temple –> what have these poor Chicks done to you so that you blindly following such baseless rituals. My dear human beings please stop practicing such stupid rituals, its my humble request 🙁

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