Elephant corridor in Khanapur


Some part of Khanapur taluk in Belgaum district will be declared as a Elephant corridor and notified as Elephant Reserve.

64,643 hectares of forest area covering 161 villages in Khanapur Taluk will be envisaged as the elephant corridor where there is already regular movements of elephants. The said corridor will fall under the purview of the Dandeli Elephant Reserve.


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  1. good news finally, elephants come upto nearby villages of Belgaum….Nagarghalli, kumbarwada is their main transit point when the cross haliyal range and then come deeper in khanapur taluka and enter the jamboti range and then enter maharastra and goa jungles…..alot more needs to be done to develop the forest cover in nagarghalli side, DFO Hosur is doing an exceptionally good work to improve the forest in this range, the range is the only thick forest in our district to have elephants, tigers, leopards & sloth bears….

  2. Finally they are takin some measures… god knows how much crops will be lost and also villagers lives until this reserve comes in existance

  3. In context of Humans.. 64,643 Hectares cannot be taken or developed for agriculture or any other inhabitation, Bad news for realtors and land grabbers as rates will soar up in Khanapur/Belgaum..
    Good thing is that that these noble creatures will have their own place to dwell!

  4. Hi
    I would be interested to know which areas or rather which villages have been considered as these corridors…

    • Villages like Olmani, Jamboti, Chapoli may be talevadi, amate, Kankumbi.. many more…….asoga and nearby villages witha population of 200 or less…


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