Cable price war in Belgaum


Cable wars are common in metros but Belgaum is now no different to this either. After four years of monopoly of cable distribution of Rdihi Vision one more cable network is trying to eat the market share, namely Vardaraj Cable network which has MOU with Siti Cable Bangalore.
Vardarj Cable is now available for only Rs.60 per month in which one can watch 60 channels and if you want to watch more than 200 channels one needs to buy a set top box and his monthly subscription will be Rs. 175.
On the other hand Ridhi Vision with its monopoly and monopolistic pricing charges anything between Rs.200 in city areas to Rs.300 in up market bungalow areas.
Ridhi Vision says that it has a subscription base of 50 thousand subscribers and Vardaraj has been able to get into 5000 cable homes and aims to get into 30 thousand in six months.
This price war will definitely be favorable for the consumer.
It is notable fact that four years ago Feroz Sait(MLA) had tired to open a cable network in competition to Ridhi Vision but later he had an agreement with Ridhi Vision. But this time Vardaraj is all set to give stiff competition. Vardraj also has a news bulletin in local languages.
Vardraj also plans to enter the rural market like Halga, Hindalga, Sulga, Machhe, Sambra, Muchandi where they would charge as low as Rs.70 a month. Ridhi Vision is already there in this market but they charge Rs.100.
In fact this cable war was visible in the recently held T20 championships in city. The Belgaum Premier League was shown live on Ridhi vision and Belgaum champions league was telecast live on Vardraj Cable network.
May what it be but healthy competition is always good for the consumers and the society. There have been instances of cable being cut and small incidents of beating up each others men but this all part of the game. For the people of Belgaum its another good reason to stay glued to the idiot box.
Source: Rajasthan Patrika



    • namma deshanuru, samra kardiguddi dati munde baruthe, elli nimma belgaum cabale monthly charge estide (set top box ella)

  1. Contact details of Vardaraj Cable please..
    I'm seriously fed up, when i want to watch espn there is star sports and vice versa…
    When there is currents there is no cable available, when there is currents no cable…

  2. its good to know, however ridhi vision worker are eating more money in city, giving cable cheaper in to relative or for momidiance people in bhadakal galli,shetty galli ,darbar galli,& khankar galli because of raju head of area so its better to take Vardarj Cable connection jai hindusthan.

  3. Competition is good… But in price wars the firms are not benefited more, they are the consumers who enjoys these price war benefits …

  4. Competition is always good for everybody – the customers "get" the best and the providers try to "give" the best!


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