Glamor at Nandana Makkala Dhama


It was a bit of surprise to the 30 plus kids at the Nandana Makkala Dham in the city, when Kannada heroine and “Mangaru Male” fame Pooja Gandhi visited them recently. The actress was in town for launching of a acting school during which she took out time and visited these children who are HIV positives and have no one to look after them.

Pooja meeting the children

The actress mixed up with the children and gifted them a rose each to which all the children were thrilled and joyous. Pooja Gandhi spoke to a few there and also spoke to the people running this orphanage.


Mahantesh R Mali & Mahesh who were present there told her the entire tale of the children from which areas and in what conditions they were brought here. Pooja Gadhi was very touched and she said that she knows a few NGO’s in Bangalore and she will help these children in whatever way she can.

As soon as she reached Bangalore she got in touch with a few NGO’s there and now has called the representatives for a meeting in Bangalore on Friday.

Mahantesh R Mali told this blog that the building in which they are currently housed has been sold and now they on the look out for a new place for these children.

About Nandana Makkala Dhama :

Nandana Makkala Dhama is an initiative of staff of Spandana Network with Mr.Mahantesh R Mali at the helm of affiars. The staffs of the Spandana Network decided to start an orphan home for the HIV positive children feeling their needs in the district. The staffs contributed their one month salary for this noble cause..

Contact: Mahantesh R Mali
4th Cross, Nidhi Building, Near Kannada Marathi primary school, Sadashiv Nagar Belgaum.

Phone: 9611404408
0831- 4209865

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