1890 Ad of photo studio of Belgaum


welling belgaumby Govind S. Welling

This is an advertisement published in about 1890, when the Welling’s had just moved into Cantonment, the Church of England already existed hence Church Road, (Lytton Road now) not to be confused with Church street in Camp, which name is given much later!


The Welling’s originally came from Goa, the village Velling sic Veling, but never used the surname Welling. They preferred to use the oft practiced South Indian, way of mentioning names without the surname – Hence the name Shriniwas Mahadeo and Son.

The story goes that Shriniwas had 6 daughters and when the wife was pregnant for the 7th time, fearing another daughter left home and was traced after 14 years in North India, working with an Englishman, he learned photography from him, photographing a temple in Varanasi, he met a neighbor from Belgaum, who told him of a son being born, called Mahadeo, who was a genius at drawing, so he returned to meet his at the Maruti Temple, in Shahapur, the son picked up the father’s profession and begot a son called Govind, at that time they moved to Cantonment and named the studio Shriniwas Mahadeo and Son – photographers

Photo Archived by Umesh Kakkeri




  1. My wife was searching some old pictures and what he find out her great grandfather black & white photo, dated back to 17-06-1910. This photo was taken at Shriniwas Mahadeo & Son photo studio. I wonder if this studio still exist?

  2. Sri Welling is also linked to photos of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, Saint from Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu. One photo is internationally famous. Which photographer Sri Welling is not known. But rumour is that Sri Ramana Maharshi allowed only one person to touch him that is Sri Welling when Sri Welling adjusted Ramana Maharshi face for the photo shoot. (heard from my father who had great respect to the Wellings)


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