Veer Savarkar was arrested in Belgaum in 1950


First Published May 2009
Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, commonly known as Swatantryaveer Savarkar was a fearless freedom fighter, social reformer, writer, dramatist, poet, historian, political leader, and philosopher.

After release from Belgaum Jail, 1950 Photo courtesy:
After release from Belgaum Jail,13 July 1950 Photo courtesy:

On 04 April 1950 he was arrested and detained in Belgaum (Hindalga) jail on the eve of the arrival of Pakistani Prime Minister Liaquat Ali in Delhi for 100 days and released on 13 July 1950. He was lodged under the Preventive detention act.


On July 12, 1950, a habeas corpus petition was filed by his son came up for hearing in the Bombay High court. He was released on giving an undertaking that he would not take part in the political activity for one year. February 26 happens to be his death anniversary.




Source: & Veer Savarkar Father of Hindu Nationalism By Jaywant Joglekar



  1. A Great Freedom Fighter of our country. Nice to know that he visited Belgaum.

    This Great Indian Freedom Fighter who studied the Indian Penal Code (IPC) formulated by the British Government and interpreted it in such a beautiful way and took action such that it shook the British Government.


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