Old Belgaum photos

love dale belagavi

Some more old photos of Belgaum, which I got through an email.


Trinity Belagavi


  1. I like the initiative taken by Belgaum Next and AA, but on second thought, I don't have much expectations from Rajiv Toppannavar,a person who leads an outfit who are often involved in vandalism. For anyone who values the development of the city should first respect the property of the city. Offcourse everyone has the right to protest, but not by bringing a city to stall, not by pelting stones or torching buses.

  2. This is in response to "Belgaum Next article couple days ago"

    An idea has been born and out of the womb, there is no way other than that, that this will grow. But looking at the things, it seems like a pre-mature baby. Nevertheless, it is still alive — and with it, a HOPE for all of us, like minded people, to see our loving city blossom and grow to be a model city.

    As Imran rightly said, it should not become a business as usual for the greedy in the name of development. I hope that the 'Belgaum Next' and AAB along with leadership of Rajiv Topannavar and others, have chosen honest way for the betterment of the city and its people. The right and just intention will always bring fruitful results and happiness for the individual and the entire community, along with it peace and satisfaction. The selfish motives will always bring unrest, sleepless nights and a tragedy at the end.

    Hope all the interested people, specially our so called leaders/politicians/government officials understand the nature's law and our common man also understands to live up to his responsibilities as a citizen and held the people at forefront accountable. This is also an opportunity for all to redefine their intents, 'coz right intent will bring all the universal forces to act together to fulfill it and no one can stand against it !!!

  3. Presently it seems that the photo of ( old onion market ) is the by lane behind the public library of ganpath galli . why not publish rare photos published in local daily news paper ? nice collection


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