Ruined Shiv Temple in the Fort


Not many know this but there was old Shiv Temple in the Fort near the Military Training area. The same as been taken over by the ASI in 2008-09 and they have upgraded it with new doors.

Ruined Shiva Temple

This Shiva temple was built in 12th century.


There were 108 Jain temples and 101 Shiva temples in the fort and the fort was built after demolishing many of these temples luckily 5 were spared out of which 2 are mosques now and 2 Jain temples and 1 Shiva temple.(the current photos)

But the present condition of the temple is worse. When AAB tried to access the temple for the photos the gate was locked and with grass up to a feet high it was not advised by passers by to enter the premises as they said it will have snakes.

Entrance to the temple with all grass

So team AAB entered from the rear side and took the pics and the temple from inside looked completely empty.

The ASI board is visible on one side of this temple, but lack of interest will make this ruined temple into ruins again.

ASI should take proper care and not juts put a board at the site.

With inputs from Bramhanand Chipre –



  1. It feels so good to know that Belgaum has got such jewels embedded in it. The architecture looks wonderful. The fact that it was built in 12th century should make us all Indians proud. But it is unfortunate that such architectural wonders exist in India- where there is hardly any reverence to history.

  2. hey good post again uday…and where are the Hindu outfits, what are they doing about this 12th centuary shiva temple….Do you think we can do something about it…it may be a blessing in disguise

  3. Good one Praveen. All these so called hindu political parties are nothing but cowards. They know there is no money there, how can they become popular..haha…where is that BJP MLA…other day he was taking out parde…haha..typical.

  4. owsome old architect,

    Always OLD IS GOLD,

    Where is our hindu sena, bajarang dal, sri ram sena this blog should be noticed by them then it will be better


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