What is this ? Jamia Masjid


What and Where is this building seen in the picture below.

This small Mosque ( Jamia Masjid). The Jamia Masjid, dated 1585-86, was built by Sher Khan.
This mosque is just 50 meters away from the ruined Shiva temple. No one is allowed entry.


The fort has two mosques or masjids, namely the Safa Masjid and Jamia Masjid; the former mosque is the most frequented by the Muslim population of the city of Belgaum. Safa masjid was completed in 1519 by Asad Khan Lari (testified by the Persian inscription). The Mosque’s pillars have exquisite inscriptions in a fusion of Nagari and Persian styles.

With so much history near us we are not aware of this. Seeing the current condition of this monument our future generations will have to only see it on AAB.

With inputs from Bramhanand Chipre:



  1. these are antiques hope they clean up & maintain they well
    why is it MLR looking after these thing expect front road temple

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