KLE hospital to have highest number of ICU beds in the country


The KLEs Dr.Prabhakar Kore Hospital will have the highest number of ICU beds in the country from Sunday, 19 December 2010. This will be achieved when the Markandaya (5th Floor) will be inaugurated by Arun Jaitley on 19 December.

The Hospital possesses 2000 beds amongst them 1000 beds are kept free of cost to the poor and needy. The need for Intensive care beds is increasing, in order to meet the requirement another 44 Intensive Care beds are added.


With the addition of 44 beds, the total number of ICU beds in the KLES Hospital has gone up to 235 which are highest in the country.

The New ICU unit is equipped with best of the medical gadgets imported from renowned Medical equipment manufacturers, which are essential to save the life of a patient. Trained human resources and soothing ambiance is created in the ICU to treat one of the most complex and critically ill patients. The ICU is equipped to treat acute, life-threatening illness, trauma or injury.

The strength of KLES Intensive care unit is highly experienced multi professional team Physicians, Surgeons, Nurses, Respiratory care technicians, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists and other allied health professionals who use their unique expertise, ability to interpret important curative information, access to highly sophisticated equipment and the services of support personnel to provide care that leads to the best result for the patients.

The New Intensive Care Unit will be inaugurated by Shri. Arun Jaitley, Hon’ble Opposition Leader, Rajay Sabha on Sunday, 19th Dec, 2010 at 10.30 am. Shri. Ashokanna Bagewadi, Vice Chairman KLE Society, Dr. M D Dixit, Director KLES Heart Foundation and all the esteemed Members of the Board of Management were present in the Press meet.



  1. Great!!!!!By increasing the number of beds they have also increased the viral infection and the number of deaths by PNEUMONIA…Though the hospital is equipped with imported medical gadgets (Of course with the money of all poor people) but its utter waste when the staff (Doctors, Duty doctors, Nurses etc….) doesn’t know how to behave with the patients and attenders specially in the ICU. They treat as if we are taking free of cost treatment. Such an A******S…..Their main goal is to make more profit and least bother about the patient’s condition. For them if one patient dies then there is another who comes. MARKANDAYA WARD… The first three letters itself says MAR…
    My father is no more with us. If we would have not admitted him in KLE ICU, he would have been alive at least for few more days/month and have died a peaceful death then struggling in the hospital with animals around in the name of staff. We had taken him to the hospital, only after doctor’s confirmation that he will be admitted only for 3 days (NOT in ICU) however after taking him to hospital his BP was down and they got a reason to shift him to ICU. My brother requested duty doctors to wait until the main doctor visits since we have seen/heard many cases where patients was infected with Pneumonia in the hospitals ICU. These people not only made fun of my brother but also started behaving rude. And the doctor (don’t want to name him) who was treating him raised his hands on 4th day and said, “my treatment is over and ready to discharge him but since he is now infected with Pneumonia another doctor will be treating him”. In general, this is called Pass the ball game. One doctor has finished his treatment and got his referral bonus and now he wants the other doctor to make profit so he passed the case to him by cleaning his hands. Not only this even the pharmacy there which says all medicines are available at 5% discount is making high profits by fooling people. Who knows whether all medicines are given to the patients or they are back to the Pharmacy. I understand high dose antibiotic and other medicines are given to the patients but can you imagine the daily medicine bill crossing 37 to 40K. Middle class people can somehow manage to afford it, imagine about the poor people who come from the village. This page is not enough to write what my eyes have witnessed over 6 days duration. I request Mr. Kore to at least train the staff on their behaviour and maintain good hygiene in the hospital to avoid HAP or else soon public will change the hospital name from KLE to Pneumonia.

  2. I dont know abt u guys but the ICU isolation ward is like sh** hole…belive me….i have pictures of the washroom with no glass windows, the washroom wall is full of mould….and the access to the drain pipes is from the room within where rats and rodents can easily come in…is this called ICU…the wash basin is full of rust marks from the tap…Now mould and ICU…come on guys…u guys must be nuts to praise that hospital. These pics were all taken in oct 2010…Uday…u want these pics i can send u copies…of it let me know. So the real picture can come out. Yes my wife was admitted there and she died. I am not sure if the cleaniness played part in her death.

  3. KLEs is doing a silent revolution of sorts. They are marvels without being too much in limelight. Their focus on rural areas makes it even more laudable.

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