No Valentine day Fatwa by SRS


Sree Ram Sene (SRS) will oppose Valentine’s Day celebrations in Belgaum this was told by SRS chief Mr.Muthalik.

At press meet here Pramod Muthalik told that SRS has already in advance requested the schools and colleges not to allow their students to celebrate Valentine’s Day. SRS has also conveyed the same to restaurants and hotels in Belgaum. He said that liquor worth Rs 6,900 crore and drugs worth Rs 2,700 crore was sold in metro cities for Valentine’s Day.

So like last year Belgaum will seem to have a low profile Valentine’s day.


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  1. The activities of of Shri Pramod Mutalik may lead to the following unwanted changes in the society :-

    1. Transforming the Hindu society akin to Taliban.
    2. Soon all the girls & ladies will cover a viel on their heads.
    3. Term the female as a burden to socierty.
    4. Increase female feoticide ( Abortion if a woman is bearing a female child).
    5. Deney fundamental rights to a Girl child.
    6 Supress the gils & females in the society.
    7.Potray girls and ladies as sex objects.

    We have to ban Shri Promod Mutalik and his gangster boys ,in order to keep the society nice.

  2. I do not agree the method used by Mr Muthalik re so-called Valentine day ( love& romance day)…
    I would request Mr Muthalik, to study the reasons why valentine day is being celebrate/who invented it/why it is being followed/who benefits from this. " IF THEY ARE REALLY INTERESTED IN DOING SOMETHING FOR THE COMMUNITY". THEY SHOULD PREPARE A PAMPLETS ABT THE HISTORY OF VALENTINE DAY..WITH PROOF…..AND DISTRIBUTE AMONG THE STUDENTS ETC. simply by threatening the students using group of uneducated /unemployed young boys for certain purpose will not produce any results.

  3. Mr Muthalik and his gang are back to monkey business, when there are still so many other issues to fought for, what are they going to get by hurting harmless people. It is a utmost requirement in these days to spread love and harmony. While such people just spread terror. I think Mr Muthalik has forgotten the "Pink Panty" campaign, may be some woman groups from Belgaum should re-do the act again and send him a few to feel ashamed.

  4. Even on other occassion drinks are sold , these SRS people have no self Moral ethics ,what can they preach about Prabhu Shri Ram Chandra, (Maryada Purshottam) take for instance any Jatra or Ganesh festival every one is Tunn, condoms are most sold in navratri, what these guys do.
    Prabhu Shri Ram Chandra always adored and valued Sita mai with High esteem, these SRS thughs beat up women, and most silly this idiot Pramod Mutalik was cooling his A** and runing like rat when came to know D comapny is on hunt for him.
    Expression of love is ones own choice no matter a day is just designated for it,
    These people are really coward just want to do it for Publicity , ask them how many versus of Ramraksha these poople can recite, if the have even learnt one , they would be the best citizen in the society


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