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Paulites of Worldwide 2010 grand reunion


“Paulites around the world unite”. The clarion call goes out to those who have passed through the hallowed portals of St Pauls High School, Belgaum and have earned the right to call themselves “Paulites”.

A Grand Reunion of the Paulites of Belgaum Worldwide (PBW) will be held in Belgaum at the grounds of St Pauls high school, Camp Belgaum on the 4th and 5th of December 2010. This meet has been organised by the Paulites of Belgaum with the sole mission of linking Paulites worldwide. Extensive member contact data across the world has been painstakingly collated working with various class-centric groups of the school.


For the Grand Reunion registration, a website has been set up at


The PBW 2010 will be unique in that it will bring together the Paulites from across all the years / batches and allow them to meet and network. A great deal of planning and organising is going into this event and the organisers now call on the Paulites worldwide to kindly register at the above website.



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