Shiv Jayanti procession


Live coverage

The Shiv Jayanti procession, with tableaux on different topics and cultural troupes dressed in colourful costumes, started from Bhave chowk this evening at 8 pm.


All these photos have been taken at Maruti galli, Ramdev Galli from 9.15 to 10pm.

This is treat to the eyes when ones sees the young children dressd up as shivaji and more elder ones performing Marshal art skills.

The presence of the young females was quite commendable and the acts performed were of great standard.

See complete images here



  1. The lady who cut lemons by sword is Snehal Jadhav, The Child marshal artists were Shivtej Thombre, Shivba Sawant, Shahu Sawant, Atharva Jadhav.

  2. There should have been some photos of the marshal arts performed as well. Which i think is really missing

  3. I Saw The Talwarbazi and the marshal arts performed. wow i couldn't beleive my eyes. There was one woman who cut the lemons with sword which were kept on the road. she just jumped into the air swung the sword before u could realise half part of the lemon dissappeared and the rest was left on the same place. I was stunned. She and many ladies also swung the lathi so fast, wow that lookedlike a action movie. And then came Shivaji maharaj who cut bananas with so much accuracy. the bananas were kept on the stomachs of the children. And also it was the JAANZ PATHAK which attracted much of the audience attention. Boy, they were energetic, there were 2 girls who danced with Flags all through the procession with no signs of tiredness on their face, they were from Savarde ratnagiri, chiplun and the majority from Belgaum.

  4. great sight to see old tradition in old and new glamour. we also use to have the basveshwar jayanti procession around the same time. Is that tradition also on..


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