Street art flea market now in Belagavi


Heard of Flea Market happening in Mumbai and other metros, so they are happening in Belagavi as well. Our city is known to assimilate everyone and anything. Flea market (or swap meet) is a type of bazaar that rents space to people who want to sell or barter merchandise and this has been catching up in the metros. The same idea has now been implemented by the “Made in Belgaum” who provide a platform for artists and performers in any creative forms.

The basic idea behind the “By the way” flea marlet is to provide a good platform to creative people, designers, and artists where they can interact and showcase their talent to thousands of people without needing to invest any money. The concept of By the Way at its core is to discover and celebrate creativity in Belagavi.

The Flea Market in Belagavi by Made in Belagum

It is a shopping festival where one can discover and shop from hundreds of the city’s and country’s best upcoming artists and designers who you are unlikely to find in the city’s malls. It’s also a food festival where you get to sample food from dozens of up and coming chefs experimenting with world and fusion cuisines. It’s a music festival where you can listen to some of the most vibrant up and coming singer-songwriters and independent musicians.

Over a span of two days, the venue will provide artists and retailers alike with a chance to propel their talents and retail ideas.  Not only are the events off-beat and out-of-the-box, but even the stalls that will be set up at the festival are unique in nature. These will include handmade jewellery, fragracnes, candles, dream catchers and many more…

The Flea market is planned on a monthly basis, at different prominent locations in Belagavi. This is our lil edition flee market where artists from the genres of music art dance and eats get a platform to showcase their talent. We aim to bring all the different people of the city under one roof and build an artist community.

By the way is the rustic flee market where you get to explore the hidden talent of the city of Belagavi. The flee market comprises of art stalls , live music, food stalls and art installations.

By the Way – Flea Market ( 17 & 18 OCT) – Opposite Riddhi’s Kitchen, Jadhav Nagar from 6PM-10PM



  1. Please post such programs in your fb page so those interested can go to see it.We came to know about this after it was over…


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