Belgaum Fort loosing its grandeur

Not all cities have the pleasure of having a fort in their city. Belgaumites have been very lucky to be the capital of a kingdom in the past.
The Belgaum fort built in 13 century (Originally built by the Ratta dynasty, later fortified by Yakub Ali Khan of the Bijapur Sultanate) was well known for its unique building structure and its huge moat surrounding the fort, which made it inaccessible to the enemies. The Belgaum fort served as a bulwark against the attacks of invading armies. It steadfastly held fort as Belgaum played host to a multitude of dynasties, from the Rattas, the Vijayanagar emperors, Bijapur Sultans, Marathas and finally the British. During the freedom movement of India, Mahatma Gandhi was imprisoned here. The Belgaum fort is also an embodiment of the legacy of religious tolerance in Belgaum.
The inside of the Fort area now does not much resemble to how it was then but is clean and the MLIRC has taken great care of a major part. Ram Krishna mission Ashrama and the Kamal Basti are places one should visit. There are a few govt. offices as well; the inner parts are avid but who will take care of the outer walls.
See the photos they are self-explanatory, the weeds grown from top to bottom on all sides and the moat filled with mud over the years in some areas never looks like a moat any more.
The archaeological survey of India is looking after the Kamal Basti but no one is caring about the fort walls. If this condition continues in no time, the whole wall will collapse and fort will have no walls to protect itself.
The worst part no one in the city is raising this issue of protection of historic monuments. The city at this moment is only speaking about the Rs.100 crore special grant and its implementation for development works, but we should also learn to preserve our history for our next generation, or a time will come when our children will ask where is the Fort dad,” I saw on Wikipedia or AAB, Belgaum had a fort?” Then we will tell them, once there were huge walls surrounding the fort, there was moat and so on.
We need to preserve history for the next generation.

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  1. yes the fort is a good place where u can go and relaxe for hours and hours and nobody will come to u for disterbing if the fort is cleaned and make it open for the tourist then may be forieners from goa come and spend thiere $ in belgaum also .

  2. Hi Uday appricate your article can our voice reach out to MLA's MP's of Belgaum? what are they doing? Every quarter they get improvement and development money but why they dont want to take of the beautiful and ancient monuments of Belgaum? if i am not wrong this fort is occupied by Maratha Light Infentory at least they can take care of this ?? I dont understand our system they can capitalise this place as an tourist place.. and with that money they can make improvements…Wake up guys! its high time!

  3. Hey Uday!!! this is my Birth place (fort) n for 16 years i stayed in n around this great structure..
    Its a great place where one wont let go to depart from Fort..
    Yes, the ramkrishna ashram's premises and yet the fort is so clean that u cant even find the wrappers, waste etc.. Very very tidy and the fog in the winters will take you to an imaginary world of greens with a fresh air too..
    The cold breeze with those woolen wowed sweaters always takes me to my olden days.
    But now i stay out of it n Belgaum too…
    Viewers can just see the snapshots of the fog covered fort onto the Google Earth.
    Guys, let me know about this on [email protected].
    Thank you Uday 🙂


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