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Bhimgarh now wildlife sanctuary


The ministry of environment and forests gave its consent to declare Bhimgadh (in Khanapur Taluk) in Belgaum district as a wildlife sanctuary. The Centre had given its consent for declaring 138 sqkm of forest as a wildlife sanctuary and the government issued the order three days ago.

Bhmgadh was in news over the political issue between Goa and Karnataka over water sharing Mahadayi water. Wildlife lovers were keen on saving this habitat.


Bhimgadh shelters two rare bat species — Wroughton free-tailed bats and Tomb bats. In India, Barapidi in Bhimgadh has the only colony of Wroughton free-tailed bats. Their only other habitat in the world is Brazil. Tomb bats are found in West Bengal. Barapidi caves were part of the sanctuary. Wildlife enthusiast say the forest was also a triangular corridor for tigers and elephants, which migrate between Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra.

Source: TOI

Mr.Mohan Pai has written explicitly on this topic with various photos of the areas and one shold read this to understand the necessity for making Bhimgarh into a wildlife sanctuary. Click the flowwing links to read in detail about the bio diversity.

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