City bus fares hiked


Commuters of the city bus in Belgaum had an unpleasant shock yesterday as the conductor asked to pay Rs.5 to the earlier Rs.4 they used to pay to travel from CBT to Bogarves.

The NWKRTC has hiked city bus fares without explaining the price rise.

The fare has been hiked by Re.1 on a 2 km stage.

Hence ticket fares have risen by Re.1 like 4 to 5, 5 to 6 etc..

Photo courtesy: Akash F Patil


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  1. Hi,

    Bus fare increased ok, but the bus conditions??? when last time i visited to BGM Road Trains are manitained so worst. you can’t imagine. and i think KSRTC providing Second hand buses after using by Bangalore Depots. See the BMTC buses(Bangalore) how every six months they are changing the buses like Suvarna, Big 10, Vazra etc. I agree that the bangalore population is more but when Belgaum has a less population so they can mainatain in good conditions. And you see the city bus stand there is no toilet rooms, nor good taar road.

    somebody should take initiative of this…

  2. Please dont consider this as aother langauge dibate, When I came to Belgaum in 1986 CT Buses use to ply between CBT and Balekundri (atleast 54 trips a day) now redcued to 7 and the board was not a big issue but a helpful means for Defense personal who cannot read reagional lanagauge , so Marathi being in Devnagri lipi was lot helpful for many , in Mangalore there are boards in Malyali and English along with Kannada , and in Bangaloe many buses have Tamil , english and Kannada, only when it comes to Belgaum the NWKRTC turn a blind eye, these pulic services should be helphful to public in every means, I myself find a big deffernce of adaptiblity and respect from people when speak other langauges such as Punjabi , Tamil Marathi and offcourse Kannda too since I am a Kannadiag my upbringing in N India helped to learn more lanagauges and mingle with people , so consider lanagaue as medium of communication and conecting hearts not raging disputes,

    • I have not considered this as language debate. I agree that people should learn as many languages as possible.

      I was in Bangalore and still I visit Bangalore often but I have never seen a Tamil board in a city bus (BMTC and not KSRTC). For inter-state buses, yes, I agree with your point. Even for NWKRTC inter-state buses(for almost all) to maharashtra, we have boards in marathi as well. But how often do you see a Kannada board on Maharashtra depot buses.

      I was in Mangalore as well for couple of months recently and I never found Malyali board for local buses (I am not talking about inter state).

      In Mumbai, have you seen a english in board in BEST buses? I have not been to Mumbai though. I have seen in TV. All the buses have Marathi board.

  3. Old Belgaum charm is not the boards on the buses or few flags here and there. Things are bound to change as per the geographic locations and the concerned states offocial language.
    Our friends have forgotten the attitude of friedly people of the city and try to mix up politics in every things connected with belgaum.

  4. I feel It is more to do with arrogance and unyielding nature, which is increasing in everyone of us and that is coming with money.

    Countries like China and Japan were lingustic … now even they have realized that it will not help them to achieve anything. So They are learning English. Even in US, govt. officials have been asked to learn Hindi.

    I feel after somedays we will see only English boards not even in Kannada 🙂

  5. We want everything in life…. How many of us are ready to leave everything and go back to belgaum to preserve its old charm? None.

    I do not agree that people are really lingustic nowadays. People are becoming more open to different languages and culture. Because people are feeling they will be left out if they do not adopt different culture/language. I do not want to comment on if it is right or wrong.

    Ex: If I am a Pro-Kannada guy and I am into real estate business and if most of my customers are marathi speaking people then I will start learning Marathi and I will recruit people who can speak marathi.

    If I am a Pro-Marathi guy and I am a Govt contratcor then I will be interacting with Kannada speaking people so I will start learning Kannada and start employeeing people who knows Kannada.

    My aim is to earn money and I do not mind learning new languages and changing myself.In Kaliyuga, People think about their own benefit.

  6. True. The old charm of Belgaum is missing. It seems so that they are creating a new Belgaum with an wronged understanding that all that was Belgaum was wrong.

  7. Uday the above snap was taken at VTU I beleive, the only thing I miss is Old Belgaum charm where Bus boards use to be in Knannada Marathi and English , disgrace to languist faniatic so called local self leaders and politicians


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