KF to take off from Sambra by Oct end


Good news is here, AAB had reported earlier that Kingfisher airlines might start operations from Belgaum from October end.

Yesterday a team of officials from the Kingfisher team were at the Sambra Airport for inspection of the services available there so that flights could be resumed.

No flights have taken off from here since 17 June 2009.

The KF officials denied giving any clear date of launch of the services but said that they were quite happy with the new terminal building and once they get the requisite clearances they would start the operations.

Sources also told the blog that, by October 31, flights might take off (if all goes well) and will fly on the Bangalore and Mumbai sector.


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  1. very good news what a great news it is i am writing to mallya since last many days to start operations from belgaum.

  2. Its good to see KF flying from belgaum Airport but it nice to have KF international flights landing at belgaum airport as well.


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