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Kote Kere a mini amusement park


Children & old ones as well in Belgaum always used to envy people in the metros and other cities that Belgaum has nothing where one can go and relax in the evening. When guests come to Belgaum and they ask, “What’s there to see in Belgaum” the host is in a fix.

Now you need to be, Kote Kere, the Belgaum Lake, which is now being managed by Darshan Udyog Samuha for over sometime, has renovated the entire lake and installed many games and amusement rides for children apart from the famous Boating in the lake.


Recently amusement rides and equipments worth Rs.60 lakhs have been put in place for Belgaumites.Cricket

There is a family train, Jumping Ballon, Cortex, Disco Coaster, Happy ride, Dragon ride, Boating, Cricket Zone and gaming console. It also has various food stalls from Chinese, Bhel puri, ice cream to Pav bhaji.

Magic showJumping Ballon

There are benches on the side where one can sit and relax seeing the beautiful lake. If someone special is besides you, then ‘Sone pe Suhaga’. The Kids can have a wonderful time taking all the rides and enjoying themselves. Elders can have a boat ride in a family boat or the peddle couple boats.

Still improvements are begin done with lights etc. the play area open in the evening and the boating in the latter half of the morning.

There are no entry fees as of now and you will have to shell out Rs.10 to Rs.15 per ride or game.

People getting cars, will need to park it opposite the old Vandana Palace road next to the road and there are no parking facilities as such. There are two entrances one next to Kasbekar Metgud Clinic and the other is from the road leading to MalMaruti on the opposite side. Two whellers can be parked at the Kasbekar Metgud Clinic side and a couple of cars can be parked if the others have parked well.

A note while taking kids out there, please apply anti mosquito cream as there are many mosquitoes around and they are huge in numbers and size.

In short, Kote Kere is a perfect place for a relaxed evening with the kids happily playing.



  1. I am mentally in Belgaum and physically in Jhansi when browsing through the site ” ALL ABOUT BELGAUM”.AT presant Belgaum has two significant places of recreation ie : Military Mahadev & Koti kere. However some more siginficant places are required to be added /improved like :-

    1. The Science park at Tilakwadi is to be reconditioned again.
    2. A Sceience Museaum & Historical mesuam is required.
    3.A Aquarium displaying the local fish is required.
    4. Theme Parks.
    The above projects may be privatised and suitable entry fee may be charged to the visitors. Deifinately I feel it will be profitable.
    Thanks to Editor for giving siginficant developments about Belgaum.

    – S.M NAIK ,Jhansi-

  2. Nice to see these developments.
    KOTE KERE is definitely a cool place to hangout now.
    Well, a cafetria like a COFFEE DAY or BARISTA overlooking the lake would be great…

  3. I love to boat there always….

    Before i went for boating in OOty and Mahabaleshwar in my college days. Now the same facility is in our town., whenever i come for vacations from Bengalooru to Belgaum i love to boat there… n left searching for boating spots while i am on picknic in some other place :).

    Great going.

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