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Landslide in Amboli


There was a huge landslide in Amboli, about one and half kilometers from the main water falls yesterday afternoon.

The locals fear of tourists being under the debris, however the officials on the spot have not categorically denied this fact. The army has been called in to help clear the debris.


Traffic to Savantwadi has been cut off and now is diverted from Kankavli.

It could take a while before the debris is removed and it also feared that he road might have been badly damaged.



  1. Yes, this was coming….last 10 days back while me and a couple of my friends were travelling we felt that the place was highly congested with people and traffic . I have never seen this kinda traffic or this kind of crowd. Amboli by and far is such a beautiful place, secretivelyy tucked in the nature. I love this place and frquent it almost every year during aug-sept. But, i didnt like what is happening to this place. Normally , we would be wanting to spend some time there, but the main waterfall was closed and there was a cop trying his best to manage traffic and people. We are actually fearing some mishap would happen there, the road is not closed on the ghat side,so its dangerous for people to travel on that ghat., also the lack of traffic discipline… Moreover, its high time , they do up the roads with proper barricades throughout the ghat section which is defintely and huge task but is neccessary. I only hope everyone gets together and saves it.. lets preserve it…


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