Mamtas Green signal for Belgaum Dharwad rail line


In todays rail budget presented by Mamata Banerjee, the long awaited demand for the Belgaum – Dharwad rail line has been approved by the rail minister and work should hopefully begin on the same in this fiscal. The said new line will be in cost sharing with state government and Public Private partnership. No specif time period has been mentioned for the beginning and completion of the work in the budget. So its only a hypothetical plan still.

Belgaum also got some surprises in the form of survey of new rail lines. They are


Belgaum-Bagalkot-Raichur & Belgaum – Sawantawadi ( the budget speech mentions this as Samantwadi must be a typo error)

These routes will be surveyed and the feasibility report will be submitted.

Bagalkot-Kudachi new rail line has been included in this budget which means work will commence on this route during this fiscal.

Adarsh Stations: Bagalkot, Gokak Road.

New trains:

Hyderabd – Chhatrapati Sahu Maharaj Terminus (Bi-weekly) and
Tirupati- Chhatrapati Sahu Maharaj Terminus(daily)

(This train was earlier linked together as Haripriya Express and Raylseema express.)


Indian Railways provide the facility of issuing e-tickets, through IRCTC,

by utilising internet services. At present, a maximum service charge of Rs 15

for Sleeper Class and Rs.40 for AC Class tickets is levied. I propose to reduce

the maximum limit of service charge to Rs.10 for Sleeper Class and Rs.20 for

AC Class.



  1. Gokak road to satish sugars to hulkund to kunnal to dalmia cement factory to jk factory to lokapur. To Bagalkot to Hyderabad. VERY very good railways rout

  2. Miraj kurduwadi link is under utilised.There should be trains betn.Mumbai Miraj via kurduwadi.Prsently there is not single train on this route.

  3. There should be superfast train on Mumbai-Miraj route via Kurduwadi and the halt at Dhalgaon Station is must

  4. We need some more trains between Miraj-Belgaum-Bangalore. The existing Rani Chenamma reaches bangalore at 8 am. There should be some more trains which starts around 6 pm at belgaum and reaches bangalore at 6 am.

    I feel some trains should be added on this route like:

    Pune-Miraj-Belgaum-Bangalore-Belgaum-Miraj-Pune – This will reduce the traffic on the NH4 and the existing KK exp and Udyan exp. This train should reach Bangalore at 6 am in morning.

    Belgaum-Bangalore-Belgaum – Morning afternoon Intercity. It should have limited stations.

    Hubli-Miraj-Hubli- Intercity

    Hubli-Mumbai-Hubli Night Sleeper.

    Hubli-Bijapur-Solapur-Hyderabad-Solapur-Bijapur-Hubli- Night sleeper

    Doubling of the track from Pune to Bangalore would help the addition of more trains.

    A track from Belgaum-Bailhongal-Hubli would curb the journey by one hour.

  5. Currently, there are two express trains but no passenger train from Belgaum to Sangli. The intermediate stations between Belgaum to Miraj are not connected to Sangli. Thousands of people travelling from Belgaum and other stations like Kudachi, Chikodi, Shedbal, Ugar, etc. have no passenger train to Sangli. They have to get down at Miraj and then take bus to Sangli. SWR railways should immediately extend Belgaum Miraj passenger trains upto Sangli.

  6. First of all lets thank to Mamata's MAMATHA on BGM for survey on BGM-SAVANTHWADI & BGM-BAGALKOT-RAICHUR rail link even though it is not implemented,coz atleast she took our city's name in her budget speech.
    The writer of this article has given wrong news on BGM-DWD new line,there is no mention of sanction of this project, i have not even heard about bi-weekly Kolhapur-HYD new train.

    • the BGM DWR line has been proposed under PPP scheme with state government also partly financing the same;when and how this will be done has not been clarified;
      regarding KOP HYD train-the present haripriya exp will be split into two trains;the KOP tirupati train will run daily;the KOP hyderabad train will run biweekly-these details have been clearly mentioned in the budget;KOP has been referred as shahumaharaj terminus;u can see full text of budget on’ the hindu ‘website in pdf format

  7. Dear Mr Satish Kumar, I am impressed with you know how and indepth study on the subject and the demography. I am keen to catchup with you some time as we share comon interests and may be some part of the vision belgaum as well.

    • Thanks Bandhu Belgaonkar , any time for Belgaum and belgaumites ….(Maa-Maati-Manus, Ee momta dii kaa montra haai) , if you have an email id forward it I will send you Belgaum blue print you can suggest and comment on same , Keep in touch, Cheers!!!

  8. Mamata Didi has still not fulfilled the long standing demand for the Trains on the following routes :-
    1. Bangalore -Miraj-Chandigarh – Kalka.
    2.Bangalore – Miraj-Amritsar.

    There was a demand for this route bt the people of Chandigarh & Amristar ,during my tenure in Ambala (Harayana)

  9. One morething

    Didi approved Tumkur-Davangere root as well. Now we can imagine
    Bengalooru-Belagaavi Distance/travell time parallel to NH4.

    Hope soon they will extend Janashatabdi and Intercity upto Belagaavi which are currently commencing upto Hubballi.

    • Mahant It is Belgaum kittur Dharwad line how is Bailhongal came in , it was Jr. Bommai is idiotic gesture of Dharwad Bailhongal Nippani , actually Bailhongal is off track , wel I welcome you comment on distance shortening on Davangere Tumkur line , and yes all trains must further extend to Belgaum

      • Satish But i read a article which mentioned that the track between Belagaavi and dharwad passes through Bailhongal and Kittur, I dont know how true it is, If it goes through Bialhongal its good I feel. Its Not that long and improoves connectivity between Belagaavi and Bailhongal as well.

      • true bailhongal is offtrack and this defeats the purpose of short straight route between bgm and dwr;a branch line can be given off to bailhongal and soundatti -than every one will be happy!

        • yepps may be from Bagewadi to Bailhongal Saundattil to further Ramdurg and Annigeri connecting Hubli Gagdag Line

  10. Delighted may be some promises though not all politicians keep them , but Sawantwadi , Belgaum Baglkot Raichur Hydrabd route will be the best one if comes up in short while , may our leader better foresee the growth of this region , it will be boost and plust to all sectors mainly Power and Cemnet industrry , I wish this all coem up soon

    • good to see the responses;we had discussed this project earlier;
      but most of these r surveys and will take a huge time to materialise-if at all;the sawantwadi line may also run into environmental problems;
      however three cheers to kudchi bagalkot line as this brings much needed development to this backward area;also puts jamkhandi on rail map;
      lets also hope that bgm dharwad gets implemented at the earliest!
      pandharpur miraj train would have been extended to belgaum;
      hope the kolhapur hydrabad is not diverted through pandharpur solapur route in which case belgaum will lose link to hyderabad;
      pune ernakulam should have been routed through miraj like poorna exp;

      • Yes through Panvel it has to go all the way to near Mumbai and join Konkan railway , Ernakulam via Madgaon could have been much easier , and since it is a single track half of rush hour delay between Roah to Madgoaon route could have got deconjested

  11. In addition to these lines there is a need to lay Belgaum- Kolhapur line. Along this line there arent any forests (so no waiting for clearance from Environment Ministry) and the terrain too is not hard. There is a great humanity that travels between places like Sankeshwar and Nipani in addition to the two cities mentioned above. It is ridiculous to travel through Miraj to reach Kolhapur. I hope logic and sense prevails on the Railway Department.

  12. Good News Indeed.
    Mamta Didi you have proved that you also care for other states along with your Home State.
    Hope the plans are implemented Sooner.

  13. Pleased to hear this… Should reduce commute times on many north-south trains I guess, if they start bypassing Londa.

    Good to hear about the belgaum-bagalkot route too. Should reduce travel time to Hyd from BGM which is currently about 20 hours by the Hari Priya express!

  14. Belgaum-Bagalkot-Raichur & Belgaum – Sawantawadi ( the budget speech mentions this as Samantwadi must be a typo error) …………………
    Uday I don't think its a typo..Didi has juz taken precaustion to change saWantawadi to saMantwadi…(W=>M) M so that M(marathi) mansoos wil be happy and sena wont have probs. 😉

    • Aadeee baba Ooh Bengoli tougne hai , ushme Shamntwadi hee bola jaata haai , Ki reee tomaki kicchuuu buzee naaa, (in Bengali it means , don't you understand) , Aur eee Shena kaa choddo pagaal log haai , Belgaon ke liye accha khobar hai , amra Koknani bhai log jyada Belgaon aana jaaan a koregaaa, ki reee 🙂

  15. Belgaum – Dharwad rail line is hypothetical plan but still we can say something is better then nothing, atleast a gud approach to start off with !

  16. Hmmmmm

    Something Good…… 🙂

    New trains:

    Hyderabd – Chhatrapati Sahu Maharaj Terminus (Bi-weekly) and
    Tirupati- Chhatrapati Sahu Maharaj Terminus(daily)

    Would these trains commence through Belagaavi?

    • @MAHANT. yes.. of course these trains would cross from BELGAUM. Currently there is a daily train on this route. Train 7416/7415. This will be additional to the existing Haripriya Express.

      • iam not too sure about KOP-HYD train;now with pandharpur conversion there is a shorter route via pandharpur,solapur and wadi;in that case it might skip BGM;will have to wait and see;


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