Military Mahadev being renovated first look


Belgaum’s most famous holy, picnic and childrens play park Military Mahadev is being renovated.


And AAB gets you the FIRST look of the Mahadev Temple after its temple domb from the outside has been newly made and renovated with a lot of carving very similar to that of temples in south India. The same will also be painted later.

The new Look sort of Dravidian Architecture

Old simple Look now has been changed.

Some more changes are also planned to done to the present garden areas and the same will beautified.

All Photos: Team AAB.



  1. ya v can use forum but am suggesting a site wher all people can register n complaints r not responded prop …wher forums are generally used for discussions only,i think…so wat say??

  2. Nitin its a good idea, but instead of having a separate website we can have a forum called 'CITIZEN SPEAK' on this AAB site & request the Belgaumites to log/register their local complaints here. It's just my opinion………….

  3. hello belgaumites….am a localite…from many days i had a idea..y not we start a blog or a website where all the people can register their complaints of their respective areas n those complaints are reported to mayor or DC by a representative…Also we guys can raise developments that can take place in BELGAUM ,for eg roads,havin FM station etc….wat say all belgaumites?? n MR.UDAY…

  4. this is the place i can nevr forget coz all childhood memories r still fresh especially those mirrors at the entrance which we loved 2 see again n again


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