Ministry of Environment and Forests allocation for Kotekere Belgaum


The Ministry of Environment and Forests has so far sanctioned projects for conservation and management of 58 polluted and degraded lakes in urban and semi-urban areas of the country at a cost of Rs.883.94 crore. This is on 70:30 cost sharing basis between the Central Government and the respective State Governments.

Lake Approved cost

(in Rs.crore)

Funds released during last 3 years

(in Rs.crore)

Kotekere lake, Belgaum 5.64 0.66

Photo: Uday

Source: PIB



  1. We need a beautiful park near the lake. The island at the center of the lake can be widened and the same can be converted to garden. There is a huge space near the BUDA office. I am not sure whether that is a Govt. land or private. This place may be ideal. This will add to the beauty of the lake and the city.


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