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Whenever you see a movie, what is the first thing that strikes your mind, Actors, Story or Music. Music; most of the times. It plays a vital role for any movie, documentary.

Sagar Patil is a Freelance Music Composer based in the Belgaum and this man has great hopes for himself with his melodious music sense. Sagar aspires to bring Short Films/Documentaries, Ad/Radio Jingles alive by composing catchy and innovative music ranging from Indian Classical to Western/Fusion Music. He has worked with various Film Production Houses and Individual Film-Makers. He has worked with clients across the country and abroad. He is accompanied with a team of Lyricists, Singers and Musicians, delivering a complete end-to-end music package.


Sagar has been playing musical instruments since childhood. He started composing music from his college days i.e. 5 years ago. He has a mini setup at his home from where he creates those melodious tunes for the ears. Sagar makes the use of new technologies and works online through internet. This helps him to work easily with his clients staying in India and Abroad.

Music is his passion and also his career. Apart from music, he works at the Aptech Computer Education as an I.T. Trainer. He has hands on advance programming languages like C#, ASP.Net and Java Technologies.

Recently he composed a theme song for Nitin Shirgurkar’s
NASCO ROYALS Cricket Team, Belgaum Champions League 2010.

Listen to his songs:

Watch his Award winning short films:

A Small interview:

AAB –> When did you start playing percussion?

Sagar–> I started playing drums when I was in 4th Std. I used to play in School Gatherings etc.

AAB –> Who was your guru and did you take any formal education in music at the early stage?

Sagar–> Music has come to me by birth. Its a god’s special gift to me. I never took any formal education in music. I am a fan of A.R. Rahman and for me, he and his music is only my Teacher.

AAB –> Your parents/ family views on you taking music as a career?

Sagar–> I am always motivated and supported by my parents and friends, and that is the reason I am here.

AAB –> Did being from a small town of Belgaum anyway hinder your music career?

Sagar–> Well, Creativity has no barriers. One should always work hard to achieve his goals. Success follows itself. Being in Belgaum, there was a limited scope for music, but I could manage to get clients through Internet.

AAB –> Narrate some interesting incident good or bad during your career till date?

Sagar–> They are many.. One of the most memorable moment for me was the Music Launch of Drishti, The Vision. I had composed a song dedicated to our Blind Friends. It was my dream to dedicate my talent to the Visually Handicapped and thus, I created Drishti. We shot the video of Drishti at Maheshwari School for Blind, Belgaum. It was a great satisfaction to see the smile on the face of those innocent blind children, when they got to know that I have composed a song specially for them.

AAB –> With whom do you want to work with as a music director? (names)

Sagar–> Oh.. thats a tough question, there are many great names in our industry today. I would love to work with Ashutosh Govarikar, Mahesh Manjrekar. I would also like to assist the great A. R. Rahman sir.

AAB –> You teach at Aptech and how is that you plan your schedule for music?

Sagar–> As it is truly said, “Where there is a will, there is a way”. Its really hard to find time for both the professions at a time. But, music being my passion, I cannot live a day without music. I work on music at nights, usually from 10 pm to 3 am in morning. Thats the time when whole world sleeps, I can find peace. It is the only time when you can feel the lords blessings around you.

AAB –> You also have started MAKE MY GIFT portal, what is the idea behind it?

Sagar–> Well, its a different way of presenting gifts to your dear ones. Usually, people present Show Pieces, Greeting Cards and many such items as a gift, on any special occasions.

Make My Gift, provides you a unique way of presenting music tracks to your dear ones.

These tracks will be composed by me, which would include name of the person and is message. People are loving this concept and the response is good. This concept was suggested by one of my close friend.

AAB –> Any awards your way?

Sagar–> Many of my films have won awards at the film festivals. And.. nothing else is great than people loving your work. I have been getting complements for my work.

AAB –> You’re all time favorite song and music director?

Sagar–> The Mastreo A. R. Rahman sir. His every song is a new lesson for me. I have been learning and growing by listening to his music.

AAB –> Your thoughts on the upcoming talent in Belgaum how can one groom oneself being here.

Sagar–> Hard Work! I would say that the place and the location should never be a barrier. Talent can never be stopped or limited. Give your best and your talent will be rewarded. Collaborate with new people, share the knowledge and grow.

AAB –> What is the best thing about Belgaum you like?

Sagar–> I like the climate of Belgaum. It is very peaceful and soothing here. A perfect place for relaxation and peace.

AAB –> What are your thoughts on this site?

Sagar–> I would like to congratulate the team of for their consistent efforts in creating such a great service to the people of Belgaum. I would say this is the best site, I have seen that provides such detailed information about Belgaum.

Sagar Pradeep Patil
1st Floor, Raghavendra Apartment,
II Cross, Ranade Colony,
Behind Gogte Boys Hostel,
Hindawadi, Belgaum – 590006
Mob: 9242915668




  1. “Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.”
    and i know this quality you have wish you good luck.

    Santosh Patil
    Production Head
    Vistaas Digital Media Ltd
    +91 98337 94472
    [email protected]

  2. i liked two things from ur interview,,,,,the most important is the HARD WORK,,,which u have menyoned,,,,and SECOND ONE IS THE CONCEPT OF MAKE MY GIFT,,,,

    • Hi Manoj,

      Thanks a lot. About Make My Gift, I would like to share these credits with my close friend, who suggested me this concept of Musical Gifts.

      Thanks again!

  3. Hi Sagar,

    Your story is really very inspiring.It sets an example for the young generation.It shows if you believe in ur self and work hard nothing can stop u from reaching on top.Your hard work and talent are the pillars for your success.The fact that u have no godfather in this field and have not taken any professional training,u are able to get here.This is truly amazing.We are proud of you 🙂 All the very best.

    “Success is not measured by what you accomplish but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds.”

  4. Hi guys this is Crish Rayannavar a.k.a DJ Crish here He's a really good producer and … One of the most talented producers in the music and i wish him all the best for the future……


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