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Childrens film festival on 11 and 12 Jan


Limbo skater Abhishek Navale and Natyabhushan Enagi Balappa will inaugurate the Children’s Film Festival at Nartaki Cinema at 9 am on January 11. The festival will continue till next day 12th January.



  1. Thanks for publishing this item. It goes to show such activities are held and we should
    make use of them.

    it would have been nice if list of films screened was also published. I read about this in the
    TB ( TaruN Bharat ) saying 1 kannada, 1 maraThi , 2 iraNi films would be screened.
    No idea how was the attendance ( someone who had been there, could add possibly ! )

    However adding one extra line would have made a lot of sense.

    Hopefully in future for announcements of such events, the reporters would add important

    details . Thanks for

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