Cinemax Coming Soon to Belgaum


Yes, yet another multiples is getting it socks up to start shop in Belgaum. After Big cinemas, Inox Chandan will commence operations within a month or so and then it will be Cinemax.

The Cinemax site mentions that MOU have been signed for Belgaum. The proposed theater will have 4 screens in area of 34300 sq. feet.

Now where will Cinemax set shop is the question many and same to me as well. Team AAB is trying to find the exact location but got no response from the Cinemax for calls or emails.

One thing is for sure they wont build a new multiplex, so they will have convert existing ones and there are few ones remaining which will can be converted. The one with such a huge space to me looks as ARUN (not confirmed) and Arun is closed for renovation which looks similar to making of a multiplex.

May it happen anywhere Cine goers in town will have many options, but hopefully movies will be good.


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  1. Good to see dis, CineMax is gonna set up in Arun.. N guys believe me yu’ll gonna hv more fun compared to inox and bigcinemas.. Also yu’ll get good offers.. I hv experienced it in bangalore already and i realy like it..
    Hope so it wil go live very soon………….. 🙂 🙂

  2. Arun looks like a perfect place for Multiplex, It was one of the best theatre of yesteryears !! and hopefully we will see its new look soon 😉


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