Yash Film shoot at college road


The “Yash” Kannada movie was being shot at the Dr.Rajendara Prasad circle College road.
Here are some exclusive pictures of a Movie shooting being taking place at College Road (near Vanita Vidyalaya) on the foot over bridge.

The current shot seemed to be a part of an action sequence.

The same caused serious trouble for commuters on the road the Police had a tough time managing the crowds and the traffic.

Photos :Team AAB


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  1. MOHRA…?
    Which scenes were shot in Belgaum..?

    But i remeber Sunil Shetty was the chief guest for the opening ceremony of Hotel Adarsha Palace on College Road. May be it was during the same time…..

    • The fighting scene in Jail starred by Sunil Shetty..
      Also the scene in which Raveena T is having tea is outside a Bunglow in cantonment area.

  2. One more movie called CRAZY KUTUMBA was shot recently in a village near Belgaum.
    The movie starring Ramesh Aravind & Ananth Nag is about a family that travells from Belgaum to Bangalore in an Auto. The movie is scheduled to be released in Februaury…

  3. Hey guys

    u Know the film name is YAKSHA, not YASH,,,, its a Kannada movie,,, shooting in Belgaum surroundings and Bollywood actor NANA PATEKAR is acting in it…

    Hows that?

    Great Going.

  4. Oh great news!!!
    Kannada movies have come up to Bgm leaving their only shooting place Bangalore.. Hope they wont discriminate North K'taka ppl in these movies as they usually do.. Yes its a fact.
    Anyways friends, any news of Bollywood shoots out there in Bgm? Anyone?

    • Off late there has not been any Bolly wood shoots.
      The last shoot was of Mohra.
      Nana patekar is also in the Movie "Yash". This is the second movie shot at Belgaum in which Nana Patekar is there after "Prahaar".

  5. Its a Kannada movie… Shooting in Bengaluru streets is a very tidious job. That is why we see good number shootings happening in other cities.. Off late Belgaum has been seeing more number of Sandalwood shootings.. its started with KANTI… recently its been SURYAKANTI, PREMISM, another movie starring Pooja Gandhi and now YASH…..

  6. Hmmmmm

    Not only this movie guys

    Recently there were few other movies also have been shooted in Belgaum, to name

    1.Premisam (yet to release-starring-amoolya and others- story of Love couples of Belgaum)
    2.Sooryakaanti ( yet to release-starring-chethan, hero of AA dinagalu movie- a very hi-fi movie expected in sandalwood this year-story of Belgaum native boy, shooted in Belgaum surroundings n foriegn countries)
    3.Selute ( Recently releases-Starring BC patil, i found his appreciation about Belgaum beuty in a news paper)

    not on;y these there are few more in pipe line,,,,

    people of other world are now recognising the beuty of Belgaum and running for it,
    Cheers for Belgaum.


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