Glamorous yet soulful Sai Lokur


She is simple, fair, cute and assuasive. She hails from Belgaum, and recently entered into main line Marathi movie in a lead role. We are talking about the gorgeous looking SAI LOKUR.

Sai was born and brought up in Belgaum and she commenced her educational career from Sunflower Nursery School and completed her schooling from Divine Providence Convent High School. She completed her Pre university from Gogte College and she is currently pursuing her BCom from Ruparel college Mumbai.


Sai was very interested in acting since she was a child and acted in many plays as a child artist. Not only acting she is a very good swimmer and was part of the Swimmers Club.

The little Sai, got great appreciation from all over and at an age of 8 when children just want to play, Sai was prepared to choose her career and she was firm that she wanted to be an actress.

She acted in a number of Marathi dramas, a few advertisements and films like Pakada Gaya, award winning -Mission Champion and Kuch Tum Kaho Kuch Hum Kahe with Fardeen Khan as a child artist.  After her 12th in Belgaum she decided to go to dream land Mumbai and acted in Marathi plays.

Sai’s debut film as a lead was her recent movie Platform (Marathi), directed by her mother Veena Lokur along with co-artists Mohan Joshi and Sharad Ponkshe.

The movie is based on a social subject and in her first movie her character is impregnable. Sai had to work hard on the movie and her mother was getting the best out of her.

Sai’s mother Veena Lokur is a noted film maker and her Mission Champion (Marathi) has won many awards and was entirely shot in Belgaum.

Sai answers some questions put by AAB:

    1. Do you feel that young girls are safe in filmdom?Sai —–> Not really. It depends on the way you carry yourself. You need to know what are your limits and what is right for you and what is not. People judge you all the time.
    2. How was it working with your mother?Sai —–> It was the best experience till date. As I told you it was very easy to co-ordinate. On sets we only used to look at each other and I understood what she had to say. She didn’t even had to tell me what it was. I really had a great time. I was at ease all the time. But I do wish to work with more directors.
    3. Are you planning to go to Bollywood? Or is it that you are already there?Sai —–> I am trying for it. I shall get in soon.
    4. Coming from a small city like Belgaum, did it help you in your career or hinder it?Sai —–> I have been in Belgaum for 18 years and have learnt a lot through the theatre that I did there. But now for my career I have to stay in Mumbai. I can’t stay in Belgaum anymore.
    5. Are you in contact with your school/college friends from Belgaum? Sai —–> I am in contact with some of them. Not many though. Everybody is busy in their own lives. And I hardly visit Belgaum these days. But I do make it a point to meet them whenever I come to Belgaum.
    6. Your tips to both boys and girls from Belgaum on how to approach the film industry?Sai —–> I am not so big to give tips. But if one is really interested to get in this field, attend different workshops and improve your acting. And then you may come to Mumbai and give auditions. But you really need to polish yourself before getting in here.
    7. Your future films?Sai —–> I am looking forward for more films. Let us see.
    8. What is the best thing you like about Belgaum?Sai —–> I love my friends. I really miss them here and I miss my house and my dog. The climate as well.
    9. What are your thoughts on this website?Sai —–> I like the site. It is a nice way to promote talent from our town.

      And I am glad I will be a part of it.



  1. Comment:well u r beautiful…regarding acting ur outstanding…gud luk for future. wel i also love acting …hope ill get chance to to see u in mumbai.. angel sai………lov u…….!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. yes sai.. awesome work in the movie platform.. really make us proud.. seeing ur first interview now.. hope to see many in future 🙂

  4. finally…sai's first interview…:)
    and sai is an amazing actress…she'll go places..all the best to her 🙂


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