INOX Belgaum will have 3 screens


AAB broke the news of second multiplex in Belgaum and here more details to add to it. Read here

The INOX Belgaum will have THREE SCREEN and total capacity of 897 persons.


The INOX website does not make a mention of the address but it is Chandan Cinema for sure.



  1. Inox's main target is for the middle level people and top level people, as Inox gives importance mainly to cleanlyness and dicipline. here i got good responce and i was relaxed while i entered into the premises of Inox, i would suggest everyone to visit once and feel the luxury given by Inox

  2. screen 3 is very small that i felt like i was sitting in a bus watching a movie:D only 7 seats in a you can imagine..i might as well pay 20rs more and watch in big cinemas..

    • vardhaman i have also been to the small screen but there is a difference in sitting in bus and audi, you dont get the luxury in bus what Inox gives is tooo good.

  3. inox will have 3 screens with 901 seats of which Audi 3 will be the most increadable audi the rates will be less than BIG cinemas and iamsure with the standard they maintain in Bangalore it will be a new movie destination. INOX rocks and it will now rock belgaum

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