Kunda boy Rajk Purohit makes it to the Silverscreen


Feature editor: Sameer Majali

He could have led a happy life sitting on the chair and hurling instructions at his sales staff” Are Suno…….Un Sahaab ko Gulab jamoon dena, Inko Mithai ka sample dena”, but this young dreamer from Belgaum was destined for things other than just viling his life away in managing his flourishing sweet shop. A career in tinsel town beckoned and the lure of the camera was enough for him to go out to Mumbai and do the rounds of the circles that need to be trodden in order to hit the silver screen.


We are talking about our very own and uniquely talented Raj K Purohit. The man whose sheer determination and exuberance led him to accomplish what many just dream of. Understandably his urge to become an actor was initially a bit too high handed dream for his family but eventually they ventured to cast aside their worries and support him as he embarked on his dream run.

Raj has acted in many serials and movies in Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Bhojpuri & Gujrati along with noted actors like Nana Patekar, Paresh Rawal, Ajay Devagan, to name a few.

His latest Kannada movie “Karthik” is all set for release this Christmas and the lad from our town steps into the shoes of a villian for this one. His Tamil movie “Kalyan Parisu” is also on the verge of completion. As the film promos and posters stand out to do us Belgaumites proud, we sit back to watch and applaud the laurels of our own boy town who is making it real big.

About Raj K Purohit:

Raj studied in St.Paul’s High school and later completed his graduation in commerce from Gogte College of Commerce, Belgaum.

Raj picked up his passion for acting during his college days and thus began the tale of continual effort packed with a lot of self belief. For now it seems to have culminated into a today where he can proudly move around and watch people take pride in the fact that one amidst them reached out to the skies almost literally.

At the music launch of Karthik

Many in town are testimony to his initial struggles as he acted in music videos, small plays, television ads and his modelling assignments.

Raj’s career kick started when he joined Nadira Babbar for plays at the Prithvi theatre. Later he happened to meet Ekta Kapoor, bagged roles in her television soaps. Since then there has been no looking back. The roll of the dice continued in his favour and Raj met Ajay Devagan in a party. Ajay offered Raj his first major break, a role in his move “Dil Kya Kare”.

This was followed by Aanch which was a big success for Raj who got to work with the likes of Nana Patekar and Paresh Rawal. Raj played no less than the role of Parsh Rawal’s son. His dream is to work with Amitabh Bacchan and that too as his son.

Raj has worked in several television serials:

Kum Kum, Khani Ghar Ghar ki, Sai Baba, Lucky & Zindagi milke Bitanyegne for Star Plus

Hum Pancch, Kasam Se, Rsihtey, Professor Pyarelal for Zee TV.

Ardhangini, Aparajathia, Neela Akash for Doordarshan.

CID, Aahat, Heena for Sony TV.

He has also anchored TV shows like Surabhi with Renuka Shahne and Disney Hour with Vishal on Doordarshan.

Hindi Movies: Aanch (Nana Patekar), Dil Kya Kare (Ajay Devgan), Shikaar (Ajay Devgan & Shahid Kapoor).

All About Belgaum managed to steal a few precious moments from the life of our own momentous achiever and this is what he had to say:

AAB —–> When was it that you decided that acting is THE Career for you?

RajK Purohit ——–> Since my school days I used to participate in many of stage shows. It is then that I learnt to perform regardless of the platform and size of the audience. I think it all started right there.

AAB —–> How was the support from your family towards your decision to act in movies and plays?

RajK Purohit ——–> Family Support! Well I was not so lucky then. It was only my mother who supported me when I chose to be an actor and I would like to specially thank her for her belief

AAB —–> You recently met with an accident on the sets of Karthik, tell us more about it?

RajK Purohit ——–> It was the climax scene where I (Vicky in the movie) had to do a backward somersault. The director had called in a duplicate for this stunt and it was decided that it will be long shot. I asked the director instead to take a closeup when I land and volunteered to do it myself. As luck would have it, I had a bad landing and had a fracture on the right side below the chest, second rib. As a plaster could not be put on the chest I was just put on antibiotics to recover and painkiller to kill the pain. That sure was painful. But as all say; No Pain, No Gain.

AAB —–> How do you select roles, I mean what are your criteria for signing a role?

RajK Purohit ——–> I never underestimate the value of any role; it might be a small one but if it plays an important role in the script, I just go ahead and do it.

I enjoy doing negative roles, which I feel are more challenging than their positive counterparts. Negativity comes very hard, especially while reacting to some one you don’t know (in front of the camera) and you really have to seem to be bad to that person.

AAB —–> Did being from a small town of Belgaum hinder your career in any way?

RajK Purohit ——–> Not at all. I am from a small town but I dreamt big. When people ask me where I am from? I say Belgaum. Sometimes they ask where this village is and that’s when it hurts a bit. Something should be done so that no one is asked this question again. I am doing my bit and I guess AAB is doing it too

AAB —–> Could you narrate one good and one bad incident that occured during the shoots?

RajK Purohit ——–> There are a very few people who get to be what they want to be, and I am happy that I am one of them. Here everyday you get a new script, interact with new people and get a chance to live new characters. It sure is quite adventurous as you never know what you are going to do tomorrow or which role you will play.Thats what is the best part of it.

The unfortunate incident is the recent accident. Maybe I made a mistake by not using duplicate but no regrets as the shot was OK. Its all part of the game and one must take it in the right spirit.

AAB —–> What is it about Belgaum that you like the best?

RajK Purohit ——–> I think the best thing has happened in Belgaum to date is that I was born here, Ha hahahah!! Belgaum is as special to me as it is for all my Belgaumites. I love it the way it is.

AAB —–> What are your thoughts on this website?

RajK Purohit ——–> Uday your website has helped me in many ways, be it for information or entertainment, it is a complete fulfilling experience. Paisa Vasool, I mean you get value for all the time you spend browsing through it. I admire you handling everything single handedly (One Man Show) from day one. I believe in you, maybe i feel this because you too are like me. We have our dreams and have set out to achieve them. Maybe some day, no one will ask the question, ‘Where is this Belgaum?’



  1. thanks !
    purohitji thanks jagirdaro ke liye belgaum lucky hai . ek jagidarji ne sweets me naam kamaya to ek filmi dunia me as actor , khamma ghani jagidaro…………..khamma ghani..
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    jai hooooooooooo"AASHOTRA WALE MAHARAJ KIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"

  2. Mr. Purohit, Please Send me 1 kg kunda as a treat for your succesful entry into kannada film industry. Purohit Kunda superb

  3. best of luck and have a great succes its very goodnews for us that {hamara bhai rajpurohit be film mai superhit hai } very nice and u r man .we have meet in hubli pressclub my name is pramod rajpurohit .anyway once again best of luck for u r futhure bec. this film is super hit [ ye hamara wishvas hai]


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