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No MNIK in Belgaum see Crazy Kutumb


After all the Hoo Halla My Name is Khan is not getting released in Maharashtra and Belgaum as well.

But there is one film releasing this week which has a Belgaum connection.


Its the Kannada movie ‘Crazy Kutumba’ the remake of the Marathi movie ‘De Dhakka’. All of the ‘crazy’ characters along with two musicians travel from Belgaum to Bangalore in a malfunctioning autorickshaw so that Gowri can participate in a dance competition. Their encounters, both funny and grievous, on this journey form the better part of the film. The dialect is from north Karnataka but it has been kept simple enough for comprehension.

ACTORS:Ramesh Aravind, Ananth Nag, Sana, Rajinikanth, Dhanya, Harish

the movie is running at SWAROOP for regular shows 12.15,3.15,6.15,9.15pm.



  1. hey wat happen why not release king khan's movie in belgaum because this film is not release in mumbai. Senseless and uneducated bloody fucker ram sena's people just go and see in mumbai this movie is released…… we all belgaum people want to watch this movie my name is khan.

  2. Wathched this movie,,,,

    real cool, Belagaavi kannada,,, all KA 22 vehicles,,,, that traditional dressing Of Belagaavi,,, Paijam, nehru shirt, white topi,,,, i remebered all old days of childhood in Belagaavi,,,,

    Thanks Ramesh (kannada film actor) 🙂

  3. watched crazy kutumba. a very good movie, full of comedy. and our very own belagavi bhashe is nice to hear. i have not watched the marathi movie, but i have watched the original english movie – Little Miss Sunshine, from which the marati movie was inspired. KK is a very nice adaptation of the english movie.

    reg MNIK, SRK always tries to innocent and our people fall into its tactics. its been 6 years since i watched any of his hyped up movies.

  4. Ya tats gr8…..
    Be in bengaluru….
    Going to watch KRAZY KUTUMBA today to get a taste of namma Belgaum… 🙂

  5. The movie "Crazy kutumba" worth watching against MNIK. Its story about family which starts Journey from Belgaum to Bangalore. Also film has north karnataka style of Kannada language. It would be good comedy/sentimental movie as I have seen De-dhakka (Marathi movie).

    MNIK issue is just very chief publicity. Actor who said 4-6 months back as he is not going to step in to America because of incident happened in America airport with him and same actor today goes to America and does his film publicity……?

    The actor marketed his film publicity with humans emotions nothing else…but the film should be released in belgaum as so many other actors worked hard in this film

  6. Why is Belgaum being pulled into d tiff between SRK & Shiv Sena..?? I don't understand what Belgaum has gotta do in dat..! People here sure wanna watch MNIK..!

  7. Why is it that MNIK not releasing in Belgaum? The issue is in Mumbai alone, isn't it? What has Belgaum got to do with the spat between SRK and SS? Senseless.

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