Sanjay Patils Parikshe Kannada Movie


Sanjay Patil, MLA Belgaum rural is ready with his first Kannada production ‘Parikshe’ under the banner of Gomatesh Film makers. He has produced and also acted in the movie as a MLA himself. The movie releases on May 28 in Nirmal Theater and across Karnataka.

The movie about caste conflict, adversity of women.

The film, “Parikshe”, is apparently a challenging task for all those concerned, right from the boy on the sets to the actors, producers, musicians and the director himself. Story writer and director A.R. Raveendra, for the first time, is trying his hands independently at a feature film with a running time of 135 minutes.

The film is about caste conflict that reflects the typical feudal character of influential individuals in a village and the exploitation of women belonging to the underprivileged or the lower caste. Bangari is a beautiful woman from a lower caste whose husband is an alcoholic. This is reason enough for some to cast their lustful eyes on Bangari.

Anu Prabhakar plays the lead character of Bangari, while there are several new faces. The most prominent among them is Yenagi Balappa, who plays the conscientious village headman. That apart, politician-producer Sanjay Patil, MLA, and Nataraj (both from Belgaum), Muniraj, Shantamma, Siddaraj Kalyankar, Master Kiran, C.S. Patil and Girish Jatti form the cast.

Hemant Kumar provides the music while vocalist Sangeeta Katti, also from north Karnataka, is the only singer for the one song in the film. Sitaram Karant has scripted the story, while Shashidhar Bhat has written the dialogues using typical Kannada dialect akin to north Karnataka, particularly Belgaum district.

The film has been shot in the villages of Hannikere, Gajapati, Bairanahatti, Kukkadali and Bendigeri.


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  1. if the movie is on adversity on woman then why is he married 2 times??; also when the residents and businessmen nearby RPD college were going through hell due to demolition spree by BCC , was Sanjay Patil dancing around the tree with the heroine?? and from where did he get the money to produce the film?? was it the share from the 100 (sorry , 200 crore ) grant by govt…??

    • there is no rule that people who are married more than once should not talk about difficulties faced by women. there is no direct relationship. swalp yochani maadi baas.

    • that 200 crores ws granted for south zone where abhay patil is mla ………der is no connection with sanjay patil wit dat 200 crores . he is mla of rural area.

    • sanjay patil has much money by gods blessing…….
      He dnt need to tke govt money to make film, he can make films by his own money.

  2. Is Sanjay Patil passionate about art/film making or is this something he is trying for a political gain i.e., to ingrain rural mass?


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