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10 samples are negative for COVID19


Deputy Commissioner Dr.SB Bommanhalli said that all the 10 swab samples sent for testing have been reported as negative.


Earlier 5 samples were sent which were tested and reports were negative after that as per the revised central guidelines new samples of contacts of the persons were sent and now all the reports are negative.

Even if this is a sigh of relief citizens have to keep in mind to stay home and stay safe as that is the only way to stop the spread.

We could be the district which can stay negative and for this citizens cooperation is the key.

If we abide by the rules laid down we can stop the spread of Covid19.

Stay home stay safe.



  1. In order to stop sharing the corona virus,people need to stop congregating. Still there are people wandering on the streets in bunches by ignoring the rule of the law. Many places police presence is not felt to enforce the law. Kids are having fun with adults on the streets especially durinng the evening hours when the police department personnel seems to be absent.

  2. Thank you for debunking the rumors. We are truly blessed. May Almighty god help all the humankind with health and protect us from this Pandemic.

  3. Keep on your toes still indeed but those negative reports are a HUGE sigh of relief. For me at least.
    Thanks for the update editor.
    Be safe and stay blessed people 🙏

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