2 negative out of 5 samples sent: reports of 3 awaited



Two out of the five samples sent to Bengaluru for testing for COVID-19 have been reported to be negative.


The reports for the other samples are yet to be received.

The entire lock-down announced is been enforced by the police by asking people to close the shops other than those exempted.

Raviwar Peth is full as shoppers are buying all grocery items and some panic buying is very visible.

The same is with the pharmacy, where citizens are buying medicines for 3-4 months and sanitizers are selling at very high prices.

The best way to avoid the spread is to stay at home and stay safe.



  1. It’s calming.
    News like this.
    Updating the anxious, panicking public.
    Hoping and praying the other 3 return back negative as well.
    Thank you
    Stay blessed 🙏

  2. For no reason these people are roaming here and there on bikes, rush in the market is a sad view. Where is the quarantine and where is the social distancing? Where is the police? Where are the MLA’S??

  3. Huge rush in the market and it’s every sad to see the way people are behaving.. forget about market there some people are roaming on street for no reason, driving fast.. utter nonsense..

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