7 day institutional plus 7 days Home quarantine who return to Karnataka from 6 high-risk states


The government of Karnataka in a new set of the standard operating procedure (SOP) mentions returnees from six states, namely Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh which are high COVID-19 cases will be kept in institutional quarantine (IQ) for seven days and another seven days of Home Quarantine(HQ).

All people to arrive via train, air, road, boat are expected to 7 days IQ + 7 days HQ who come from these six states and 14 days Home Quarantine for all other state returnees.


Mandatory to register in sevasindu website- 

Yes you need an Epass to travel by air Kindly apply on the Seva Sindhu website which will be updated by the end of the day. 

After they test negative for the disease in pool testing, they will be sent for home quarantine for another seven days after their initial 7 days of institutional quarantine is over.

However home quarantine is allowed for pregnant ladies, people above 80 years, patients with comorbidities and children below 10 years of age, along with one attendant after they test negative from High-risk states.


1. Institution Quarantine of 7 days for high-risk states ( MH, GJ, TN, DL, RJ & MP) followed by 7 days of HQ. These returnees to be tested from 5th -7th Day.

2. Home Quarantine for all other states returnees.

3. Exceptions to IQ :

A. 4 categories of Pregnant women, 80 yrs plus etc. along with one attendant.

B. Health professionals

C. Defense forces etc.

In special circumstances where someone like businessmen who have some urgent work, the quarantine period will be waived if they furnish a report from an ICMR-approved laboratory showing they tested negative for COVID-19, the SOP states.

In case they do not possess the same they will have to stay in institutional quarantine and can leave once their results test negative and the report should not be more than two days old from the date of travel.

All Karnataka returnees who entered from 4 May will be tested from 5-7 days from the time of their arrival.

If found COVID-19 negative, they will be sent to home quarantine and will have to follow due precautions, the SOP stated.




  1. Good evening respected decision makers , m done with my 8 days institutional quarantine and I m a doctor too ..can I go for home quarantine now ..please guide me

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