A group spreading awareness about water – Save Water Save Life


Water is necessary for life. Three-fourth of Earth’s surface is covered by water bodies. 97 per cent of this water is present in oceans as salt water and is unfit for human consumption.  Only one per cent of fresh water is available and fit for human use. So it is very important to conserve this precious resource.
With lesser rainfall this scarcity will only outgrow more in the forthcoming days.

A group named “Save Water Save Life” was formed by Dr.Aarati Bhandare who realized that when dirking water is supplied once in 4 days it is each citizens duty to save as much as possible so that there is enough water for all in the coming days.

The main intent of the group is to spread awareness at all levels and educate people regarding water conservation.savewater savewater

All were just speaking on the scarcity of water but no one was acting on how to educate others on the use of water, hence this group decided to take this forward along with Rizwana Khan and Mayuri dhakoji in the beginning. Banners were printed and put across the city with different images and message to save water.

Many would have seen such banners near the Ganesh Pandals recently, where the group tried to get to a larger audience. Even for such a cause a few pandals asked for money so that the same could be displayed.

Seeing the good intent behind the group Mrs Rahee Kulkarni,Gouri Kittur and Kirti Kesarkar joined the group to create more awareness.

After the Ganesh festival the group now goes to schools/colleges and creates awareness amongst the young lads.
They have already visited KLS School, Cantonment School, St Josephs and they spoke to the children in their way so that it was easy for them to understand. Simple tips were told about how water could be saved.

Experiences have been mixed for them when some elders have been rude n arrogant but the kids have been awesomely awesome.

On the visarjan day the group was shooed away from Jakkeri Honda as if they were beggars when they were there to request to stop polluting the environment. A few made fun of them and few even mocked at them.

The domestic helpers have also been approached and they too have been educated by this group to save water.

Now the group has joined the Karnataka Water Supply and Drainage Board under the able guidance of Prasanna Murthy Executive engineer.

The group plans to take the kids/college students to Rakaskop, Hidkal and Laxmi Tekdi and make them understand how water is purified and the entire process of getting clean drinking water to the households.

The group has a simple moto “Save water Save life”

You can follow their page on Facebook and get regular tips on water conservation.

You too can be part of the group and spread the awareness please contact 9902528342.


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