A New Hope For Slum and Financially Backward Women of Slums


“AADHAR MAHILA UDYOG is another novel project which have set great example of livelihood for unemployed and financially backward women. This project will attract more and more employment for them. This livelihood project sets an example for other organizations to replicate and provide financial security for needy women. Selco and Mahesh Foundation share the same philosophy of improving the life style of backward women and we are happy to associate with Mahesh Foundation from two years” said by Harish Hande,Ramon Magasaysay Award winner and Founder of Selco Solar.

AADHAR MAHILA UDYOG belagaviHe was addressing a gathering after inauguration ceremony of AADHAR MAHILA UDYOG a livelihood project which is managed by Mahesh Foundation. He said this unit is a nonprofit enterprise because the income generated by this unit is utilized for the underprivileged children by providing them school support, medical support and other social initiative.

Mrs.Pushpa Suresh Hundre, Director of Polyhydron Group inaugurated the unit and she said this unit is a new hope for slum and backward women for improving their lives.

Mr Ajit Marathe, Religion Manager of Union Bank of India said that we are proud that we supported AADHAR MAHILA UDYOG financially and will also help them and more such projects in future. This project providing an independent platform to women to make them self sustains.

Donating a portion of income to needy people is more satisfactory than happiness in spending for self enjoyment, said Shri Gurusidda Maha swamigalu of Karanjimath,Belgaum.

Mr Mahesh Jadhav, founder of AADHAR MAHILA UDYOG said most women living in Sagar Nagar (Aadhar Village) are forced by circumstances to make their children beggars as their husbands are alcoholic and sources of income are insecure making these families highly vulnerable. To address this important issue this was established a livelihood unit that provides skills and employment to women in order to make them economically independent. Discussing his future plan he said we have started it with 7 women employees, next year it will be 15 and by 2020 more than 100 women will get employment and will be independently leading their life.


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