A Wedding with a difference – Marriage at an orphanage


No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together. This is the motive of a couple who married at Mahesh Foundation in a simple way called “Mantra Mangalya”, a concept by Rashtrakavi Kuvempu.

Mr. Chandrakant Gavani and Veena, tied the nuptial knot in the presence of some senior social activists and children of Mahesh Foundation. The couple desired to marry in the presence of underprivileged children and instead of spending on luxurious marriage they wanted to contribute that for children. The simple marriages are rare these days so, this couple became a role model for society.


Children participated in the marriage with enthusiasm because they don’t attend such functions. Hence they involved in the event as this is one of their family members. The people who gathered at the wedding were happy with the arrangements made at Mahesh Foundation and also involved in the marriage ceremony.

There are some special guests were present such as Rajyotsava awardees Shivaji Kagnikar, Mr. Prakash Bhat, Author Sarajoo Katkar among others.

Chandrakant Gavani & Veena Marriage Chandrakant Gavani & Veena Marriage Mr. Chandrakant Gavani is a supporter of the Mahesh Foundation who thought of this new concept and married Veena at Mahesh Foundation. They desired to make their dream event in the presence of children and also thought of instead spending money on unnecessary things they wanted to contribute to the children of Mahesh Foundation. It looks simple but conveyed a message to society that marriage is between two souls and not in any luxurious things. All the arrangements of the wedding made by Mahesh Foundation like their one of the family members with excitement.

This wedding has also “made a difference” because the children who usually don’t attend such functions have witnessed the wedding and they were also excited about the wedding. They had been considered as special guests and also some chief guests had been invited to the wedding who have their remarks in the society.



  1. A good gesture to help the society and spreading happiness through charity
    Its possible with family members support and cooperation

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