Accident at first gate kills 2 children


In a train accident TWO school going children were killed on the spot at First gate.

The train crushed the children. A group of five were trying to cross the closed gate when this accident occurred.

The deceased have been identified as Bhimmapa Naik (8th Std) and Vanshree (7th Std.)



  1. so many friends have suggested safety measures to avoid further accidents of this type. They should not
    remain as suggestions but concerned authorities should take it seriously and act upon immediately


  2. @Vinayak: steel mesh?? it was covered by iron mesh n "shamless hurryin damits" have broken it from 2 ends of d gates. this is disgusting on people's part. n they were children after all.. they will do wat they see…

  3. This is very unfortunate. Really sad. my heart goes out to the parents of the children who met such a tragic end. This is not a news that needs to be "flashed". My request to you would be not to do so in the future. For a father of two, like me, such news are really very disturbing.

    • very sad indeed. @ akshay Its a part of the reporter to put all the news no matter what it is. if he had not put this here u wouldnt have read n put a comment here.

  4. Thats a very sad incident. Many people even cross the gates with their vehicles when the gate is closed.
    Rest In peace

    btw from which school were they ?

    • yes KAZI.One traffic police should be Pleased on each Railway gate to avoid such things.And Railway track should be isolated by steel mesh.


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