Administration firm on fare by meter – Auto strike continues


The on going strike of autos since Friday night is still going on and the Monday evening meeting between the DC and the Auto association yielded no result. Now the Auto association has planned to meet the CM who is on a visit to the city for his party’s

Auto drivers have been on strike stopping the autos since Friday, demanding the hike in fares and condemning the police harassment. Commissioner of Police S Ravi said as per the demand of auto drivers, maxi cabs have been banned from entering city. Administration is ready to revise fares after consulting road transport department. But, before that administration is expecting mandatory installation of meters from auto drivers which is not even 10% in city.


N Jayram, DC said he hasnt received any complaints from citizens that it is causing them hardships as the autos are on strike.

More city buses have been deployed in the city by NWKRTC.



  1. These auto drivers are bastards… They are still looting ppl in belgaum… Meters are just on and they refuse to come on meter… Once pppl get alternatives like cabs and all they will forget auto drivers.. Belgaum needs cabs… This is the only way and will be a slap on the auto drivers… They directly refuse to come.. From raviwarpeth to BUDA office it is 60 sometimes 70… From maruti galli to sadashivnagar they say 80… They are looting us

  2. Interesting to see that we have paid — so they have looted. When one goes for booking of an auto…most of the time the passenger travels either to catch a bus, a train, see a doctor, meet an ailing relative in an hospital etc etc. That's not the time to bargain. If an auto guys asks for reasonable fare — then there will be no issues. Auto guys seem to be taking advantage here.

  3. Mr.Irfan your comment is ridiculous what do u mean by it is WE who have paid, we have paid just because there is not alternative and these auto drivers have utilised this or should i say misutilised the circumstance. No body keeps the doors open during the night b'cause this is not ramrajya this ravanrajya. If the auto drivers were so reasonable in charging the fare this situation would have not come. You must have heard of night robbers these drivers are day robbers.

  4. The authorities should not bow down to such hooligans and their ransom tactics.
    Let them suffer. Let them understand the importance of working hard for their income.
    It has become very simple for them to harass people and make a quick buck.
    meanwhile the authorities should make it easier for cab operators to increase cab drivers.
    Also the public transport system can be utilised better now and would be an apt time to make everyone use it.

    Bottomline: tell the auto drivers, ply by meter and in a proper manner and people will automatically start using their services.

  5. Infact the fare has to be decreased
    these auto drivers have looted belgaumites since very long
    let them be on strike
    there will be no effect for belgaum
    Mr. DC is doing good job

    • Mr. ks,

      "If you keep your house door open at night, then definitely it will get robbed, you cant blame the robber for looting your house".
      The above practical thing applies to your comment "these auto drivers have looted belgaumites since very long".
      It is WE who have paid the drivers & the CITY AUTHORITIES who have not created a System since long time.
      Now it is unfair to blame on the Drivers saying they have looted.

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