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What started as a hunt for a good internet service provider in Belagavi, ended up as a whole new internet company which we now know as FAAST Networks in Belagavi, after tackling one of the most haunting issues in the city for any business to grow, Ajit Patil, the Founder and CEO of FAAST Networks, took the things a notch higher by Launching a very own Cloud Datacenter out of Belagavi, currently hosting no less than 100+ servers at the stage when it’s not even gone public yet. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of FAAST Networks which is currently the leader in high-speed internet in town, Belagavi’s very own data center is now live and ready for pre-booking.


The company has invested few crores towards its operations so far, and said would invest more as it looks at scaling up in the future. This is the company’s first data center and is capable of hosting close to 300 Physical servers and virtually unlimited virtual cloud machines.

Allaboutbelgam is currently hosted on Datacenter which is located in Sadashivnagar, Belagavi.

This allows us to offer low latency capabilities to customers who we were so far servicing out of foreign countries.

ajit-patil-outofbox-cloudIndia is second only to China as the largest and fastest-growing cloud services market in the Asia Pacific. The country’s public cloud services market was pegged at $1.8 billion in 2017 and is expected to grow to $4.1 billion by 2020.

Ajit said we built to democratize cloud computing, to make it more accessible to more people and to do so at price points that make it more affordable than what’s currently available to them.

Our entry into the Datacenter market operating out of a Tier II city will help a significant number of developers and small businesses in India.

Founded in 2019, is running on open source Openstack completely customized and developed in-house in Belagavi, focused more towards servicing SME segment to ensure the onboarding cost is kept as low as possible.

outofbox-rackCurrently, the following services are being offered by the outofbox team out of the Belagavi Datacenter canter.

Secure banking services for co-operative societies and banks for hosting all their Core banking services without the need of investing huge amounts on setting up server rooms/datacenter/leased line/firewall etc. They can opt for pay as you go model, for as low as few thousands of rupees a month

Website hosting for small and medial enterprises.

Bare metal servers for Large enterprises

VPS and Dedicated server services.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS)

and Storage as a Service (STaaS).

Colleges and technical institutions are welcome too, to enhance the possibilities of using cloud services for training and education purposes.

For more information or getting early-bird discounts on hosting services, one can send an email to [email protected]



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